How about those y-seams? Do you find them hard?


Do you struggle with y-seams?

I do not, but I know lots of people do. Until you learn to stop exactly at that 1/4″ mark, it can be a little hard, but practice makes it easy. Honest.

There is a great tutorial on Craftsy written by Sherri McConnell that shows exactly how to do them the traditional way. Take a look here. She uses a pack of precut hexies from Moda.

Photo from Craftsy

I do them similarly to the way that Sherri shows, except that I cut my pieces from 2-1/2″ strips and any ruler with a 60-degree line. I don’t mark my points, mostly because I’m lazy. The #37 foot on my Bernina (the 1/4-inch foot) has a notch 1/4″ from the needle, so I usually just use that. It works great! But if you don’t have a foot with that notch, try just putting a dot at the point where you’ll need to stop to pivot your needle.

Here is one I sewed up in under five minutes…maybe more like three minutes. Really.

But for some blocks, there is another way to make them. It’s a way that does not require you to make a y-seam. (I still think you should probably take time to learn how to do them, because some blocks just have to be done that way.) When I was looking for something on Pinterest yesterday, I came across this great video from Teresa Down Under. She shows how to do a tumbling block without y-seams. It’s very clever. Go take a look!

There’s a similar video at Missouri Star Quilt Company, which you can see here. They also sell a template, which you can find here, and even a pattern if you want help with fabric requirements and want written instructions.

You can also buy a pattern from Missouri Star

Did you already know about these no-y-seam methods? I did not, probably because I wasn’t looking. But if you find y-seams hard, maybe these will help you past that hump. (Speaking of hump, guess what day it is. Yep, Wednesday! Sorry, bad pun…)

Maybe you’ll give one of these methods a try? Be sure and stop back by and let me know if one of them helped you!

Happy Hump Day! I’m off to have coffee with a friend, so mine is starting off great!


  • Wendy Tuma

    I don’t do them often, but when I do I find it’s best to slow down and take my time. When you do it right, it’s really slick! Enjoy coffee with your friend!

    • That is definitely part of it. That and practice, lots of practice!

  • cindy parry

    Y-Seams? Not in my sewing vocabulary 🙂