A Work Day

It’s another snow day here, which means a work day for me. I have nowhere I have to be (thank Heaven!), and I’ve thrown a chicken in the crock pot so I don’t even have to think about supper until it’s time to eat.

I’m cooking this:

A Work Day
Chicken in Coconut Milk with Lemongrass, photo from thekitchn.com

The recipe is here. The best part about this recipe is how unbelievable the house smells while it cooks. Think of it: garlic, lemon grass, cilantro, and coconut milk…mmmm! I’ve posted links to this on Facebook before, but I really, really love this stuff. Besides, anything that frees up time is good, right? (The recipe calls for this to be cooked in the oven but trust me, the crock pot works great.)

While that’s cooking, I’m planning to make some more Goose in the Pond blocks. I’ve decided to make twelve of them, total, which will end up being 45 x 60″. Since it’a workshop sample, I think that’s a good size. It’s not too big to haul around, but is big enough that you can see the secondary pattern. Besides, I have exactly enough pieces made for that size. Problem solved, huh?

Here’s the first block:

A Work Day
All sewn up!

I’m also playing around with this:

A Work Day
Bow ties!

Wishing you a great day, no matter what you’re doing!

  • Bill V.

    54 pieces in that bowtie block…(force of habit) 😉

    • Lori East

      But only if I set them this way. If I set them four by four, then I’ll have 96 pieces.

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