Winsome Wednesday — 6

My little buddy
My little buddy

Hey, Happy Wednesday! It’s been an interesting week around here with my lost kitty showing up Monday night (after four weeks!), and an ipad-update-gone-awry AND my car in the shop Tuesday and today (and maybe tomorrow). All good. The car is getting some much-needed repairs and maintenance and I am hoping to get the iPad replaced today. It will all work out fine, I’m sure.

I feel like I haven’t accomplished much lately. I’ve spent hours washing my collection of feedsacks (because I put a couple in that weren’t washed and they all ended up stinky), and am giving some vintage tablecloths and other pieces baths by hand. That takes a lot of time. But here’s what else I’ve been doing…

Sewing: None, if you can believe it, except for these potholders that I told you about yesterday, and these placemats below.

Just a bunch of 3.5″ squares sewn together because I had them in my stash and they needed to go away!

I have only made enough things to help me work on my quilting. I need to do some piecing, though, very soon!

Finishing: Yep, the potholders. They are finish #5 of 55, but nothing else has gotten done.

Knitting: Still working on the Dudester scarf. Had to rip back a bunch of what I’d done the other night. It is NOT a hard pattern and has only a four-row repeat but somewhere I goofed. I could see it was wrong but couldn’t figure out why, so I ripped it all back.

Reading: Still reading Nora Webster. I am enjoying it, but I get confused because so many of the character names are the same as those used in Brooklyn. I will definitely be looking for more of the author’s work, though!

WednesdayWatching: Often I like to watch old sitcoms on Netflix. This week I’ve been watching, “The Andy Griffith show.” I have seen every single episode a million times, so they are great for background noise. I know, I know, the shows are corny, but sometimes I just want everybody’s problems to be solved all neatly and tidily in under thirty minutes!

Listening to:  I dug out some old CDs and have been enjoying some 90s music: Roxette (Joyride), UB40 (Promises and Lies), Don Henley (The End of the Innocence–okay, this one is late 80s, but still). I still say that hearing an old song can transport me to a different time and place quicker than anything, making me remember things I didn’t even know I’d forgotten!

Cooking: Very little. We’ve been eating a lot of leftovers and salads. Nothing exciting, I’m afraid! I’ve been thinking about making this Buffalo Cauliflower, though. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Buffalo Cauliflower with Blue Cheese Sauce
Is this not just wonderful?

Doing for fun: Rearranging things in my workroom in anticipation of getting my new tables that my dad built for me. He called me yesterday with the best idea ever! You’ll have to stay tuned to see what it is, but I am seriously excited!


WednesdayLooking forward to: QuiltCon! I’m headed to California next week (and 85-degree weather!).


So that’s what’s happening here. What’s new in your world? Leave me a note!

Until next time,

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  • Wendy Tuma

    I haven’t much to show for this week either. I hope to make up for it tomorrow, so I have something to write about in my blog – haha. I’ve been working on the Creativity Challenge, which is perplexing me. My favorite Andy Griffith show, hands down, is The Loaded Goat.

    • Lori East

      I guess we have to have slow weeks now and then, huh? Sometimes other things do take precedence. And yes, this week’s challenge. I have ideas but I haven’t even started implementing them yet. Maybe today…

      I LOVE the Loaded Goat!!

      • Wendy Tuma

        Looking forward to seeing your challenge work. I’m almost done, I think, but not very happy with my work. Hoping to get some quilting in today. Glad your kitty came back home 🙂

        • Lori East

          Thanks, I’m happy too. I wish he could tell me where he’d been!

          I will look forward to seeing yours too. It is a tough one this week! I, too, am hoping to get some quilting in, because we need more placemats. 😉

  • shelly

    That cauliflower does look delicious, and I’m SOOOO glad your kitty came home!

    • Lori East

      I think I will try the cauliflower. It’s not my favorite vegetable, but I might be able to really like that.

      That darned cat. You would never even know he was gone now. He has just settled back in like he was always here. Such a funny little thing!