Winsome Wednesday (4)

It’s already the fourth Wednesday of the year! I can’t believe January is almost over already. Is it just me or has it gone super fast? When I was younger, I remember people saying that the older you got the faster time seemed to go. Of course, I thought they were crazy. I’m not so sure anymore.

This is what I’m doing on this wonderful Wednesday…

Sewing: Have been playing with some big and very scrappy Churn Dash blocks. I had piles and piles of 5″ squares in a bin and I thought I could get rid of some of them. Many of the squares have come from swaps and such, and there are some seriously old and ugly things in it. Here are just a few blocks, but there will be more. I am thinking to cut up some newer fabrics to give it a little more life (although it is pretty busy, I know).

Wednesday blocks
Simple Churn Dash blocks

I started making these blocks just to have something mindless and easy to do now and then, for the days when I only have 15 minutes to sew. The blocks are super fast (may actually write a tutorial for my easy way to make these) and, since they’re so big (12″ finished), I don’t need a ton of them. I’m planning to end up with 64, to set them 8 x 8, for a queen-size quilt (may add one more row to the length).

Wednesday cowl
The offending beast

Finishing; I am ashamed to admit that I have still not gotten the cowl I mentioned here and here under control. It is still lying on my table, mocking me. At this rate, I might have it done in time to wear for summer. No, really, I am going to finish it soon. (If you are a knitter, you can see what’s wrong with my graft in the photo.)

The next finish will probably be a table runner/placemat set that I started last spring. I decided that it would be quicker for me to bind it by machine than by hand. Well. Yeah. Have I mentioned how I struggle with machine-binding? I don’t have any trouble getting it to look good on the front, but the bumps and wiggles on the back drive me insane. I have stitched and ripped and stitched and ripped, all the time thinking, “For Pete’s sake woman, they’re placemats! You’re going to eat on them!”

I first laid them aside, thinking to do them by hand, but I am slow and hadn’t gotten to them. Then, I spoke to Teri Lucas, Bernina queen and quilter extraordinaire, and she suggested I try a flat-fell foot. I have ordered that, and I do think will help, but it hasn’t come yet. It also dawned on me that maybe my usual 2″ (cut) binding might be part of my problem. If I didn’t have to work so hard covering the stitching on the back, it might make it easier. So, I am still not sure how I’m going to finish them, but I really want to get them done. Nobody should be hung up for so long on placemats!

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Knitting: I have not started it yet, but I am really wanting to make The Elder-tree Shawl.

Wednesday yarn
Mal Rios, Indiecita

My mom gave me this dead-gorgeous yarn for Christmas (Malabrigo Rios in Indiecita); it’s going to be wonderful to knit. (I’m a huge fan of Malabrigo yarns, anyway!) The color is so rich and deep, and very hard to describe. It makes me think of oceans, and fir trees in the mountains too. If you don’t know Malabrigo wools, do take a look next time you are yarn shopping.

When I first started knitting, I swore I would never make a shawl, but you know? I rather like them. I’ve made several (some are smallish, so more like scarves than shawls, and one is huge, like a big, soft, wooly blanket I can wear anywhere), and are incredibly versatile.

imageReading: I am planning to start reading Brooklyn tonight. Yes, I do know it’s been made into a movie but I would rather read than watch a movie. Go figure. I do plan to have it read by next Wednesday.

imageI was really frustrated with myself last night. I picked up Ireland, by Frank Delaney, and started reading, all the while thinking, “I already know this story.” Finally, I thought to flip ahead and, yes, you guessed it, I’d already read it. Argh.

Watching: I have saved the first two episodes of Mercy Street on the DVR, but haven’t started watching yet. Have you seen it? What do you think?

Listening to: Alison Krauss on Pandora. Love, love, love her voice, and those harmonies! Even when the songs are sad, the music makes my heart happy.

Cooking: Since we’re still low-carbing (and probably will be forever, this week I’m making pad thai…from spaghetti squash. It sounds odd, doesn’t it? You’d be surprised. The only change is that instead of traditional noodles, you use spaghetti squash. Everything else is the same. Is it identical to traditional pad thai? No, but it’s close. And with a carb count of nearly 50 grams in noodles, and only around 5 grams in the squash, guess which I think packs a bigger punch?

Photo (c)

Doing for fun: Thinking about how I’m going to reorganize my space when the tables my dad is making for me are done. I am not so naive as to think, big as they are, they will hold all of my stuff, but they will definitely hold a lot and make much of what I have more accessible. I have such a hodge-podge of baskets and bins and bags and boxes, and these will definitely help streamline that.

Looking forward to: Lunch with my girlfriends Denniele and Kelly! It is nearly impossible to get all three of us together in the same place at the same time, so this is a real coup! I am so blessed by these ladies. They push me, inspire me, and make me laugh. AND, they shop with me (in the junk stores!). What more could you want?

Here we are at MOKA last October

What are you up to this week? Do you have any finishes? Have you done something fun?

I love hearing what you are doing too. Leave a comment below and tell me what’s up!

Until next Wednesday,

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  • Wendy Tuma

    I totally relate to the accidental re-reads. Ugh. Hate that. Thanks for the peek into your week. Maybe someday I’ll get up to multiple blog posts in a week. I’m only at one time a week (newbie).

    • Lori East

      I know, right? It’s such a weird feeling, thinking I might already know this book…or was it just something similar? It’s maddening!

      Once a week is plenty for blogging, I think. I tend to start the year with lots to say, then run out of steam by midsummer. I am trying very hard to be more consistent, but all the routine and structure does not come easily to me.

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