Winsome Wednesday (3)

Hey! Happy Wednesday! We’re over the hump and the weekend will be here before we know it.

I hope your week is going great. It’s a bit cold here, with a little glaze of ice, but generally not that bad. I know that a lot of you are gearing up for  big storms headed your way, and some of you have absolutely frigid temperatures. I imagine you’re all busy making sure everything is in place (read: your local grocery store is all sold out of milk, bread, and eggs), and that you have everything you need (ahem, coffee and fabric).

There is no such excitement in my neck of the woods, so here’s what I’m doing:

Sewing:  I am working on some quick and simple blocks for a couple of small quilts I need to do. Will show them when there’s something to show (and will tell you more about why I’m making them then). These will count toward my 350 blocks for the year too!

Finishing:  Since the runner, placemats, and napkins that made up my third finish of the year are done, I am working on knocking out the quilt from which they were all made. Finally! It’s been a year since Phyllis Arnett quilted it so beautifully for me. But, it IS getting done at long last. I expect it to be #5 of 55 finishes this year. (That darned cowl will be #4. I am going to bite the bullet and finish it today no matter what!)

Proof positive that I AM working on it!

Knitting: I got bored with the Afterthought Heel sock, so have been fiddling with a couple of other things, both UFOs:

Andante sweater, (c) Tricotbec

This sweater (Andante by Marjorie Dussaud), which I started nearly two years ago. I think it will never end! I am just a couple of inches shy of the bottom edge, then have only the sleeves and ribbed band to finish. I’m making it in KnitPicks’ Wool of the Andes tonal in Deep Waters (discontinued).


Yarn and coffee
Yarn and coffee make me happy


A sort-of shawl in Classic Elite Firefly in Thistle

I also picked this shawl/poncho project up the other night (Same Thing Only Different by Cheryl Schumer). The only reason I picked it up is because it’s just simple stockinette knitting and I could do it without having to pay attention. Well, and it was there. Right there, in my overflowing knitting basket. I am making it in Classic Elite Firefly in Thistle, which is a lovely muted lavender. (I just noticed that that colorway is also discontinued? What is it with me picking the colors that are the first to go away?) I don’t plan to need it until summer (to wear over tank tops to soften the “bingo wave”), so there is no real rush. It’s super easy, though, you just knit a big rectangle and then sew it together partway up one side.
Reading: imageI moved All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr, off my nightstand Monday and found a bookmark in it where I hadn’t finished it. If you’ve read it, you’ll wonder how I managed that. I’m not sure, but I do know that I was horribly busy when I was reading it. If you have not read it, do. It’s a beautiful book.

I also mentioned last week that I am reading The Knowledge of the Holy, A.W.Tozer. Since this is my ladies group’s current study, I will be wading through it until May.

Downton Abbey

Watching: Nothing much, really. I am not a big TV watcher (except, of course, for Downton Abbey). Sometimes when I sew I listen to old TV sitcoms, but haven’t been doing that too much lately.


Listening to:   The Eagles on Pandora. I was saddened to hear of the death of Glenn Frey on Monday. The Eagles were the band during my teenage years so I developed a fondness and loyalty that never changed. I can still hear an Eagles song (or later, Glenn himself) and be flashed back instantly to a different place and time.

Cooking: I made the Killer Kale Salad from Pioneer Woman on Monday. (Yes, Pioneer Woman, so you know it was good.) I had everything for it but dried thyme (who runs out of thyme?). But the rest: Kale, red onion, mushrooms, bacon, and goat cheese, in a simple balsamic vinaigrette, are perfect. It’s quick, easy, good for you, and oh so delicious! I think it might make it into our regular meal rotation. My husband loved it, but The Boy is kind of tired of all the salads we eat. He did manage to scarf down a big plate full.

Photo (c) Pioneer Woman

Doing for fun:When I was visiting the eye doctor last week, he asked me about my work, and i told him. He then asked what I do for fun. I told him, “The same thing.” How blessed am I? Life is, indeed, good.

Looking forward to: Getting my new glasses! I had my eyes checked last week and everything was fine except for those pesky little “age-related changes.” I ordered some new frames to hold the “upgraded” lenses. There is a slight (!!) adjustment for my near-vision, I’m hoping this will make handwork as clear as it ought to be.

Another thing I’m looking forward to (and some of you will think I’m a total goofball) is snow. Yes, really. I happen to love the stuff and have been really disappointed that we haven’t had any to speak of this year. We’ve had one, maybe two little bits of about an inch, but they were gone quickly.  There is snow in tomorrow’s forecast but I am inclined to not believe it. Some winters are just this way here in Missouri. Of course, we are not out of the woods yet, either. February is coming. I am ever hopeful.

Call me crazy, but I love this stuff

So that’s what is going on around here. What’s up in your world? We love hearing from you, so leave a comment!

Until next time,

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  • Wendy Tuma

    I enjoy hearing what else you’re up to, especially your reading list and music you are enjoying. I have almost purchased All the Light We Cannot See several times; maybe I should give it a go. Currently I’m listening to Eric Clapton as I quilt, but the Eagles certainly do bring back memories.

    • Lori East

      I’m glad you enjoy it, Wendy! It’s been kind of fun to have to think about what I’m doing so I can write it down. All the Light is really good, very well written. Not the “typical” war book.

      I adore Eric Clapton, in all his phases. Might have to switch over today.

      Have a wonderful Thursday!