Winsome Wednesday (2)

January 13th!! Have you finally got yourself writing 2016 on checks? I am doing pretty well, but still have to stop and think about it sometimes.

Here’s a snapshot of my week:

Sewing: Still working on the two I was doing last week, much to my dismay. I got sidetracked and haven’t sewn much since. It will probably be Friday this week before I have time to focus on them again. Sigh. Life does get in the way, doesn’t it?

Finishing: The Arcuate cowl will be Finish #3, IF I can figure out the grafting. I thought I was going to have it done yesterday but it is proving tough. I hope to get it figured out soon. I have scoured YouTube looking for videos and checked out all the knitting sites I can find, but no luck. My friend, Madge, sent me a link to Vogue Knitting, which may help. It doesn’t show exactly what I’m trying to do, but the illustrations make it a bit easier to visualize.

You can see finish #2 here, it’s a small hand-quilted piece (but bigger than a potholder!) I polished off a few days ago.

ATH sock #1, looking for a mate.
ATH sock #1, looking for a mate.

Knitting: The second Afterthought Heel sock. Yes, I should’ve knit them two at a time. This poor lonely sock has been languishing forever. This was the first time I’ve done this kind of heel. I never minded turning a heel but wanted to learn something new and you know? I just might do it again. It’s a technique “unvented” by Elizabeth Zimmermann, and is brilliantly easy.

I’m itchy to make the Lucy Hat. I am not sure it’d really be a new start since I’ve been sitting on the pattern and the yarn for e.v.e.r. Yeah, I guess it would, wouldn’t it? But durn it, it’s cold outside! I may still sneak it in soon, hats don’t take long.

Upping my game!

Reading: Custom Socks, Kate Atherley. I like knitting socks a lot (warm feet are a very good thing), so am looking to understand more about how to fit them perfectly. There are few things worse than having too much sock for your shoe, am I right?



I’m also reading Knowledge of the Holy, A.W. Tozer, for my Bible study group. Tozer is never an easy read but I do not have to hurry so will have plenty of time to absorb his words.


imageAnd finally, I’m reading, Do More Better, Tim Challies.   Who doesn’t want to do more, better?


Watching: Still trying to get through the last seasons of Downton Abbey. At this rate this year’s shows will all be over before I’ve seen them!

imageListening to: On Audible, A Spool of Blue Thread, Anne Tyler. Have just barely started this so can’t say anything. It strikes me as kind of odd,, though. Have you read it?

I finished Library of Souls. It was a fun read! And I’m going very slowly through Elements of Eloquence. It is delightfully witty and I just want to savor every word.

Cooking: This slow-cooker Thai chicken soup. We are back on the low-carb thing but things like this make it pretty darned easy to do. Also, last night I made a delicious kale strawberry salad. Kale, quinoa, strawberries, and almonds. Nothing more need be said.
Doing for fun: Well, yes, for fun AND my job. I’m presenting my lecture, “Piecing with Neutrals,” at the Town & Country Quilters guild (Joplin), Tuesday afternoon. It’s a fun lecture and the fact that it’s during the day AND close to home is a bonus. (Have I told you how much I love my job?)

Looking forward to: More in PrairieMoon Quilts Creativity Challenge! This week we have been doodling. That is pretty much a thing I do all the time (my brain definitely absorbs information better when I have pen and paper, whether I’m writing notes or simply doodling). If there are no other tasks than that, I’ll still be happy camper, BUT since we needed a coloring book and Sharpies, I’m pretty sure there’ll be more fun stuff.

My little buddy
My little buddy

(I’m also looking forward to seeing my missing kitty come running up to me in the yard. He got displaced on Monday, ending up about a mile and a half from home, and, in spite of me covering all the ground I could in an effort to find him, has not found his way home yet. I miss the little clown terribly and worry about him.)

What’s up in your world? Hope you’re having a great week! Leave me a comment about what you’re doing, I wanna know!

See you soon!

  • shelly

    That’s a lotta doing! Makes me tired just reading it. Your poor kitty. I sure hope he turns up.

    • Lori East

      It IS a lotta doing! No wonder I feel like I never get enough done! 🙂

      Darned cat, I do wish he’d come home, but you just never know with cats, you know?

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