What to do?

Monday morning and it’s cold outside. Sounds like it should be the beginning of a country song, right? Yeah, not so much. But it is Monday, and oh, it’s cold outside! Nine degrees. Brrr! There’s snow coming tomorrow, which is welcome. Yes, welcome. You see, I’m one of those odd ducks who likes snow. I figure if it’s going to be cold out, we should at least have something fun to look at. Without snow, it’s just cold and gray.

I’m headed to my workroom today to finish up the Quilt of Valor tops I worked on Saturday. I made enough blocks for three tops! So, I’d like to get those finished and then clean up my workroom. It’s kind of a disaster. Working fast and furious does that, I just cut, sew, and fling. Not really, but I am not very good about cleaning up as I go, so it does get a bit untidy. Ahem. I created a lot of scraps!

There is some serious ugly in some of these, but hey! They’re neutrals.

Before the Sew Day, I was already trying to sort through scraps. And stuff that should be scraps. I have way too much old fabric that is not cool enough to be vintage, but old enough to be dated and ugly. What to do? I certainly don’t want to see big pieces of it in anything. This is where scrap quilts come in. I love scrap quilts! To my mind, the more fabrics, the better, in a scrap quilt. There is magic that happens when you mix all those not-so-matchy things together. And some of those old pieces aren’t so glaringly ugly when they’re cut up. In fact, some of them will be a spark that gives life to the whole piece.

Blue glittery stars? Where did this come from??

A lot of people throw away their scraps. That’s fine, but when you add up all the pieces they throw away, you realize there are lots of potential quilts in the trash. So, I’m making my own stacks of precuts out of all the old uglies. Of course, I’m adding in some pieces I love too, especially when I don’t have any real yardage left. I can get three 2-1/2″ strips and one 1-1/2″ out of a measly quarter yard, or a stack of 4″ and 5″ squares. I’m cutting 2-1/2″ strips, 1-1/2″ strips, and 4″ and 5″ squares, since those are the sizes I know I use most often. I’m grouping the stacks by color, just because that seemed logical when I started doing this. When I know I’ll need a certain color, I can go right to it.

One small pile of strips. Oh, the possibilities!

What will those old uglies become? Who knows? But at least I know when inspiration strikes, I’ll be ready! I’m betting there’ll be a little magic.

What do you do with your scraps?