What does your go-to quilt look like?


What does your go-to quilt look like?

I mean those quick-and-dirty gotta-get-it-done quilts. The ones you make for quick gifts or, sometimes, just for a fast finish. We all need one or two now and then.

The first one that comes to mind for me is a Yellow Brick Road. We’ve all made one, right? And following close on its heels is Turning Twenty. Both of these were revolutionary in their time for being something that was quick and easy and looked great. And, the fact that you could jump right in with ten or twenty or-however-many fat quarters and whip up a quilt top in a few hours, well…that was just terrific! Of these two, I’ve made a Yellow Brick Road or two, and maybe a Turning Twenty. I don’t think I have any of them around, but I’ve definitely given plenty away!

For Quilts of Valor, I like to use Bonnie Hunter’s Strip Twist. It always makes for a great looking quilt, especially when done in red, white, and blue. I’ve yet to actually do this one just for fun (meaning for me), but it’s on my list. This one feeds my love of surprises…you really don’t know how it’s going to look until you’ve put it all together. These photos are all I have as proof that I’ve ever made any, and they’re from two or three years ago (must get better about taking photos before I send these things off!):

So, you see, while I say I don’t use patterns, I do…sometimes. I’ve been thinking about some newer patterns lately (not new-new, mind, but newer than ten or more years old. From time to time, I see things like Disappearing Nine-Patch (or Four, or Hourglass…something disappearing), pinwheel, and even chevron quilts, and I think…Oh! That looks fast! I haven’t felt that way long enough to make any of them yet though. I haven’t had a need for anything too fast lately, either. This one I made for my son back at the beginning of the year was super fast, though. I could definitely see another strippy quilt in my future.

It wasn’t quite done in this photo, but seriously, this took only a few hours.

That quilt up at the top, while I’d like to take credit for it, is not mine. I found it here. It looks super fast, though, and so comfy! I just need to start picking up pieces of some bright plaids…because I need more fabric. Ahem. And I’m not sure I’d be able to give that one away. It looks too wonderful in its homeliness, doesn’t it?

So, tell me, if you found out you needed a gift quilt fast, what pattern would you choose? What’s your go-to, quick and easy quilt? Paste a link or even a photo in your comment below, or just tell me about it!

And have a fabulous day!

  • Susan Sparks Michael

    This is my own pattern I use it and variations for gifts because it goes together really easy.

    • That is really nice, Susan! I like it a lot!

  • Claudette DeRocher Booker

    I just don’t do fast 😳

    • But you do beautiful really, really well.

  • cindy parry

    You know, I’m an art quilter BUT I also proudly do QOV’s. I have never heard of this pattern. Having now actually read the pattern through and Wow! It is really easy BUT the result is amazing. Right until the very end I thought it was half square triangles all along the edge. As explained at the end, it is an illusion … a very effective one at that 🙂 I think I found a new favorite QOV/Go to Pattern. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Oh, that makes me happy to hear, Cindy. Yes, it’s super easy and looks so much more complicated than it really is. And it’s a great way to incorporate 2-1/2″ strips.