Wednesday Morning in my World


Hey, good morning! It’s Wednesday…and here’s what’s happening in my world…

I feel like I am getting the hang of the bullet journaling thing (although I still try to cram too much into each day), so I finally caved in and ordered a new journal and pen from The Goulet Pen Company. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a Leuchtturm1917 journal in royal blue,  and a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen in green. Goulet’s shipping is SO fast…it’s due to arrive tomorrow. I promise I will try not to stalk the mail carrier. The mail has been arriving in the morning lately (as opposed to the nearly-5:00 delivery we typically get). I hope that trend continues. I will probably be awake at 4:30, anxious for the mail to come. Yes, I know I’m a dork.

pilot pen

blue leuchtturm





I know I told you I had picked out different colors that I wanted for my notebook and pen, but I decided this combination would just make me really happy. I might add in an orange notebook too, to use as a sketchbook or for something else. Do you really need a reason to buy a new book? As Wendy and I were discussing yesterday, there is always a reason to get one. Or two. Or three. When I see photos like this, I am sorely tempted to just buy them all, all at once. There are seventeen different colors and four paper styles (regular lined, graph, dotted, and plain), so sixty-eight possibilities just in one size. Be still my heart.


Oh, I did find my old and well-loved MontBlanc pen, by the way (did I already tell you this?). Yes, it was someplace safe, but Imanaged to find it anyway.

In the workroom, two projects seem to have precluded much of anything else from happening lately: The Splendid Sampler and The 70273 Project. Here are the five Splendid Sampler blocks I had done as of Sunday evening:

Splendid Sampler blocks 1,2,3,5,6

And here are some of the X blocks I’ve made for 70273. The tutorial for the biggest pieced block is still in the works, but it will be out soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There has been absolutely no knitting here in too long. Just a couple of days ago I found the poor blue scarf at the bottom of my bag, wadded up and forgotten. Fortunately, the needles were still where they belong and it didn’t look too much the worse for wear. I think I may still find myself frantically trying to finish it by Christmas.

bowtieSpeaking of finishes, I am way behind on my goals to get 55 finishes this year. I will have another one very soon but it’s going to take some scrambling to get back on track. Actually, I don’t really care if I make it to 55. All I really care is that I finish some things. Soon. Here’s a sneak peek of what I hope to finish next. (Yes, I know, some of you already saw this on Facebook.)

morningNow that Downton Abbey is over, I am curious what we’ll do. It’s been a tradition for my family, yes, my husband and son included, to watch it together. Maybe there’ll be a Downton for the big screen? While I would surely go see it, I don’t think it’d be half as fun as watching the individual episodes. Speaking of episodes, though, do you know about “Belgravia?” It’s a story that takes place in 1840s London. Like Downton, this story will also explore the class differences between the wealthy and landed and the nouveau riche. I think it’ll be fun to have a Dickensian-style novel delivered digitally. You can register here to learn more about its release. I am pretty excited to see how it all comes together.

Speaking of reading, for the Creativity Challenge this week, I am reading poetry. Yes, really. I love poetry so this isn’t a problem (I was an English major, remember? I also like Shakespeare. I even like Chaucer.) Later this week I’ll tell you more about that.

morningI am also reading The Martian, and am too tempted to not get anything else done. It’s that suspenseful. (I might just finish it this morning, but have a jillion other things that need to happen first.) Now, of course, I want to see the movie too! Next up, I think, will be The Boys in the Boat. I had forgotten that I put it on my Kindle, so I want to read it before I pile too many other unread things in there (although I did add The Paris Architect yesterday, on Cindy’s recommendation). The Nightingale is also high on my list, and is queued and ready on Audible. Seems the more I read, the more I want to read.

Ralph and his new pet

It is early, but spring is upon us already. I am not quite sure where winter went. Things are kind of manic right now, warm and sunny one day and rainy and a little chilly the next. Typical Missouri spring. There is always a part of me that is sad when we didn’t get any big snows. This was one of those years. My husband and son started getting the garden in this past weekend. They planted 125 strawberry plants, and the onions and snow peas. If it should get really cold again, all of those things should weather it just fine. But the signs of spring are here. My kitty Ralph has already started finding snakes to play with.

chardSpeaking of garden, my husband let me know our Swiss chard is coming up. I’m pretty excited by that! Besides the fact that it’s such a pretty plant, it makes a great quiche!

Our chard won’t be ready to pick for a long time yet, though, but in honor of it sprouting, I am making a spinach quiche tomorrow. I will probably do this one without a crust, with just a little almond meal in bottom of a buttered pie plate for texture.

morningIn case you don’t already know how to make quiche, you’re in for a treat. It’s one of the simplest things ever to make, and leftovers are every bit as good as freshly baked. You can eat it for supper with a salad, then have another wedge of it in the morning for breakfast with a bit of fruit or bacon. Just thinking about it now makes me wish I had already made one. I have to run to the market for fresh spinach, though, so I’ll have to live without this morning.

Julia Child’s recipe for Quiche Lorraine (which is technically just a bacon quiche) is a classic. It’s pretty darned yummy. The beauty of quiche is that you can throw in just about anything you have in the fridge and it’ll be good. I like to use four eggs in mine and crack them into a measuring cup, then fill the cup with half-and-half or cream up to whatever it would be if I used 1/2 cup liquid per egg. In other words, if I use four eggs, I put them in the cup, then fill it the rest of the way to 2 cups with cream. I like to add a cup or two of shredded cheese too, any kind I happen to have. Easy stuff!

See? There’s my long-lost pen!

I’m off to spend a few minutes with my coffee and my journal and have just queued up a little Beethoven to start the neurons firing. I’ll have a little time with my sketchbook before I head to my workroom, and then I’m off to have coffee with my friend, Emily, today. She is a good friend and has three littles who give me a wonderful taste of what being a grandma is going to be about (and Emily makes great coffee!) Sounds like a good day, doesn’t it? I am positive it will be!

Hope your day is terrific! See you tomorrow morning!


  • Wendy Tuma

    Well, you know I love your choice on the pen and the journal. You also know the struggle is real here. How do I choose a color? If I buy all 17, do I get a discount for bulk purchase? Haha. I probably better just head to my quilt cave. But those pens . . .

    • Lori East

      I get the dilemma all too well. I finally had to just make a decision and buy them because I was spending waaaay too much time obsessing about them. I can say truly that there may well be more. I may be in deep trouble. 😉

      • Wendy Tuma

        I’ll let you know when I succumb. Note I said when, not if. Haha.

        • Lori East

          Just a note for “when,” both Goulet Pens and JB Well have good prices on starter sets…yes, I get the irony of the word “starter.” Good combo pricing. You’re welcome. 🙂

          • Wendy Tuma

            Thanks. I think. 🙂

  • Bill V.

    Love the journal idea. Good way to focus all that energy and all those ideas. Blogs can work in similar ways.

    • Lori East

      Hi Bill. Yes, I’m in love with the journals. I am thinking they will, indeed, help me focus. I think you know how I feel about focusing. 😉 Might help get some of the ideas ready to show up on the blog…some take time!

  • Well, great. Now I’m spending time I don’t have pouring over blank journals and pens. Again! Some women do shoes (I did once upon a decade). I do journals and pens. And those blocks for The 70273 Prohect? Drooling over those, too. xo

    • Lori East

      I know, I know. It’s a sickness, I tell ya. Shoes…I still do shoes too, but not as much now.

      There will be a package of blocks coming to you one of these days. I just want to make a few, okay a bunch, more first.

      • Take your time. I like blocks by the bunch. xo

  • shelly

    Thank you, Lori! This does absolutely nothing to curb my school- and office-supply fetish. You enabler, you!

    • Lori East

      Well, yeah! Takes one to know one, eh? 😉

    • Lori East

      It takes one to know one, eh? Heh. 😉