Wednesday again!


Although it’s cold and gray here and feels like Monday, my calendar says that it is, indeed, Wednesday. Again. Already. Are you sure? Sheesh. I could easily have stayed in bed this morning and slept half the day away. Instead I went to the dentist for my permanent crown (we ended up also taking care of a little filling and starting my Invisalign workup, so it was a pretty productive morning). Be glad I am not sharing photos from that. At this moment, I am still a little numb so I have that great snarling dog look and can feel the tingling in half of my nose and part of my ear. Isn’t it fun? Not really, but I am super grateful for that numbness, just the same.

Sewing: Not a darned thing…YET. I picked up my machine on Monday and am finally today getting down to cleaning up so I can move my new tables in. Isn’t it amazing when you start sorting things and realize just how much you have? Yikes! I could tell you that I need never buy fabric again, but that is a lie. No matter what is on my shelves, there will always be something else I think I need. Always.

I may have picked up a few new pieces of fabric too, but only a few. Well, okay, more than a few.

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Finishing: No finishes again this week. I am such a slacker. Not really, I will have another or maybe even two soon. Promise. Pinky swear.

Knitting: I actually took that darned blue scarf with me to California, thinking I could knit on the plane. Um…yeah. I knit a total of 12 rows.

AgainReading: I finished The Lake House, by Kate Morton, yesterday. Absolutely loved it. It is an interesting mystery without any blood and guts, no sex (I’m not a prude but if it doesn’t help move the story along, I don’t need to read it), and it all took place in England. (I will say again, if I believed in reincarnation, I would think I had lived in England before). I jumped immediately into another book by Ms. Morton: The Forgotten Garden: a novel. I am already hooked.

Watching: Have not had a television on in over a week. And yeah, I lived to tell about it. You probably know that I don’t watch much TV anyway so I really don’t miss it when I don’t see any. (That said, I am WAY behind on Downton Abbey…am in serious need of a catch-up night!)

Listening to: Bless the Broken Road, by Rascal Flatts. At dinner one evening last week, my new friend Lisa talked about this song. We were talking about how all the places we go in life make us who we are, and how what we do puts us where we are. The song captures it well, I think.

Cooking: Barely. Fortunately, The Man and The Boy cooked while I was gone so there were leftovers. They also did laundry!

Doing for fun: As you know, I flew to L.A. for QuiltCon in Pasadena last week. It was wonderful! Pasadena is a lovely, quirky town, full of all of the things I love: great restaurants, funky shops, and, at least last week, quilts and many of my favorite quilt peeps! I got to see a lot of old friends and made some new ones, so it was great fun. I am still thinking about all of it.

I do need to mention that I was incredibly blessed by a young lady I had not met before. She is the daughter of a friend. She not only picked me up at the airport and delivered me to my hotel, but she even came back on Sunday and did the trip again (in reverse). I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I was for her kindness and the time she so cheerfully spent ferrying me back and forth.

If you’re interested in seeing some of what I saw, hop over to Instagram. You are more than welcome to follow me. No matter how many photos I take, I always wish I had gotten more. Take my word for it, though, the week was full of lovely people, quilts, and places. Yes, the weather was wonderful too.

Looking forward to: Having my workspace all organized and clean for the first time in ever so long. And then…drum roll, please…being able to work in that fabulous space!

I also need to get caught up on the weekly creativity challenge, Splendid Sampler, and triangle salad. Whew. Once again, I’m behind. As usual.

So, yeah…I’ve had a slow start to my week, but it’s all good. I am now home for a couple of weeks so am excited to start seeing some projects gain new life!

What are you up to? I’d like to hear (and I love comments)!

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  • Wendy Tuma

    It’s not that I need more fabric. It’s that I want more fabric 🙂 Nice post — thanks for sharing your week with us!

    • Lori East

      Well, yes, that. Want/need, it’s all the same, isn’t it? 😉

      • Wendy Tuma

        Yes indeedy. 😉

        • Lori East


  • Wendy Caton Reed

    You can’t say you’ve fallen behind when you have packed so much into one short week! You and Pam look great at QuiltCon!

    • Lori East

      Thanks, Wendy! It was a fun week. Such a different environment than so many shows…all that sunshine definitely didn’t hurt!

  • shelly

    It was a cold and gray Wednesday. I could not get warm all day! I’m off to a slow start since returning home, but hope to hit my groove today and actually accomplish something! Thanks for hanging out with me some of the time in LA!

    • Lori East

      I LOVED hanging out with you in L.A., Shelly! We will have to do it again.

      It was SO cold yesterday. I expected it to be warmer and went out without all of the stuff to keep me warm and, holy cow, that wind was vicious!

      I don’t have to go anywhere now until Sunday and, although, I’m still a bit poky this morning, I am planning to hit it hard this afternoon. Might need a nap first, though…;)