Tuesday at My House


Hey, there, it’s Tuesday! I’m always amused by Tuesdays, frankly. They aren’t Mondays (thank Heaven), so we can get on with doing the things that Monday’s franticness precludes, but they aren’t Friday, either. For me they are usually catch-up days.

I am still very much in catch-up mode around here on this Tuesday, but I wanted to touch base with you all too. I am kind of just treading water right now, but all will be well soon. You know how it is, right? I did get a few things done yesterday that had been waiting too long: odds and ends of paperwork and laundry (blech). But there are lots of things that just keep getting put off that really shouldn’t be any longer. There is major house-cleaning waiting on my list, too, but the longer I wait, the more I hate the thought of it. I’ll get it done, one of these days, honest.

Today, though, is haircut day. Hooray! Trust me, I need not only a cut but color. The problem with not being a natural redhead is, of course, the maintenance. Red dye does not wear quite as well as other hair colors, so I have to get it done pretty often. Right now I am leaning just a tad orange (I love the color, but not on my head), with the beginning of a racing stripe showing at my forehead and crown. Yes, that part is as bad as it sounds.

I’m always amazed at how much better the whole world looks after I’ve had a hair day. I love my stylist and have been going to her for so long that we are pretty much in sync with each other. I say, “This…” pointing to a section where the length is driving me crazy, and she says, “Yeah,” and fixes it. Truly, having a great stylist you can trust with your hair is worth a fortune.

A peek of one of the elements in my quilt

Since I know you’re going to ask, no,  I’m not done with the challenge quilt yet. It’s all but done except for finishing. I am planning to face it, so there is that to do, put on a sleeve, and scribble out a label. I just have to sit down long enough to get those done. Fortunately, Kelly has let us know that the original deadline of 1 July is fluid. I am planning to get it out before the weekend, though.



Red X blocks

I am mailing my blocks off to Jeanne for The 70273 Project tomorrow.  Her deadline is 1 July also, and these MIGHT make it in time. I have only gotten 45 done so far, but will definitely be doing more in the future. If you haven’t gotten on that bandwagon yet, do please go check it out. I’ve talked about it several times on Facebook as well as here, and here.


Blue Kona solids for The Boy

The next project on my plate is a quilt for The Boy. As you may know, he graduated the first weekend in June. I knew I wasn’t going to get a quilt made before that, but we collected signature pieces at his graduation. Do I have a pattern in mind? Ahem. No. I do have an idea of what I want to do, though, but won’t tell until I am sure it’ll work. These are the fabrics I’m planning to use. Yes, all solids. Blue is his favorite color and I did get the okay from him before I bought them.

I hadn’t done a signature quilt in more than 15 years, so I had to revisit what I knew and check out some new products before I committed to this one. I’ll be writing soon to tell you all about the pen testing I did before I went forward. I may or may not have found a new favorite pen for marking labels.

In the meantime, the Fiber Acquisition Committee at my house (that would be me) has been busy. I’ve picked up a lot of new “raw material” pieces lately. Below are a few of the latest finds. I’m trying to show photos on Facebook, so watch Lori East Quilts for more.

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Cheerful sunflowers

Other than all this, we are back on the low-carb wagon starting tomorrow. (First we said we were going back on Monday, then, “No, we still have all this stuff leftover.” Okay, so we decided on Tuesday. Ahem. Now it’s Wednesday. For real.) All three of us have managed to gain back a little more weight than we had hoped for (as if you can ever hope for weight gain). I got rid of all of my too-big clothes some time ago, so you can guess how I knew I needed to mend my ways. The good news is our garden is just starting to give us tomatoes. Summer is definitely an easier time to diet than winter.

I’m still trying to learn to fit more sewing in. I know, you’re probably wondering what’s wrong with me that I have to try to do that, right? Well. It’s tough because I am so used to feeling like I need to be doing other things. I’m getting there, though!

So what’s new in your world? I’d love to hear!


  • Joy Mainemer

    I have just discovered vintage quilting. I have found quite a few of my grandmother work in boxes and cedar chests and the hassock that were chock full. I feel like I am headed out in 6 different directions but will pull it all together soon.

    • Lori East

      Lucky you, Joy! It is fun stuff. My advice would be to start slow and let the pieces “tell you” what they want to become. Not all want to ho in a quilt. Most of all, enjoy it!