Is it time for coffee yet?

Lori East Quilts, coffee

How did it already get to be Thursday afternoon? I have been here, behind the scenes, working away. I’m not sure I’ve had enough coffee, though. Working hard, no coffee…Well, that’s sort of a lie. Today I have been working…ish. Yesterday I had to go do some appraisals, so I took a little road trip and time for some fun. Actually, the appraisals were fun too, but I can’t tell you about those. Sorry, but that’s just part of the deal. I visited a couple of quilt shops and a big antique mall, and may have come home with…stuff.

My workroom is calling, loudly. The things I bought are fighting with each other over who gets my attention first. But first, I am pretty sure I need coffee. Without it, I can’t even begin to use that “f-word.” No, not that one!! “Focus” is the one I mean. Sigh…

Vogart pillow top, Lori East Quilts, vintage collage

bunny, coffee, Lori East Quilts, vintage collage
Did you see this little bunny? He is SO sweet!

On both Facebook and Instagram I’ve shown you several of the new pieces (new is a relative term, here) I’ve found lately (not the ones from yesterday, though), and my fingers are itchy! Is it all vintage collage? No. I have ideas for some Modern things too. Does that surprise you? I am alllll over the place in the styles I make. But maybe you knew that?

These last two…well, I am just going to tease you with them. I have grand plans for them, so all you get is the tiniest sneak peek.

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Can you see why I want to be in my workroom? I can’t go play, though. I am trying hard to stay on task. I have a lot of paperwork to do. It needs to be done. My poor brain is having trouble staying still. Does this ever happen to you?

Do you think coffee will help?


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