These Thursday Things

Hey, good morning! These Thursday things, where you tell me about the good in your life, have really gotten to be fun. It’s always interesting to read what others are doing and it forces me to stop and think about the many good things I often overlook.

I didn’t really forget to blog last Thursday, although you didn’t see anything from me. I was packing my bags to head to Stover, Missouri, to do appraisals at A Quilter’s Gatherin’. And, in true form, I got in a hurry and forgot to hit the “Publish” button on the blog. So there you go. I didn’t forget to write, I just forgot to publish it. Oy.

For today, the good Thursday thing is that I did not forget!

What good is there in your world today? I’d love to hear from you!

  • Virginia Berger

    I have pictures of wonderful, red + white quilts on my computer and in my head as I choose quilts for the inaugural exhibit at the Iowa Quilt Museum. It makes for a nice break from the mad dash to the end of tax season!

    • Lori East

      You can never go wrong with red and white quilts, Virginia! What fun to be looking at those!
      And yes, I would imagine that any diversion from tax season is a good one. Hang on, though, the end is in sight!