The End of a Year


New Year’s Eve! Where has this year gone? What will the new year bring? How long will it take to start writing 2017 on checks? These are a few of the things I wonder as we wind down.

All in all, it’s been a good year for me. I’ve gotten to travel some, work a lot, and enjoy time with family and friends. My career as a homeschool mom came to an end. My son started college!

There were losses too. I had to forego a family trip we were really looking forward to. One of my friends died. Another chose to end our longtime friendship. Those were tough moments. The number of wonderful opportunities and new friends that have come my way helped offset those losses.

My word of the year was “finish.” I could easily do it again for 2017. I did not manage to finish nearly as many things as I hoped for, but it is too late now to worry about them. I haven’t actually counted how many projects I finished, but I had set as my goal 55. I am quite sure I failed there. I also set myself a goal of reading 52 books and, while I did not meet that goal, I won’t count it as a failure. Thirty-six books is not bad by any means.

The 350-block challenge didn’t go well for me after the first couple of months. Although I know I made more, my total count is only 46 blocks. How pitiful. But since I mailed 65 blocks to Jeanne for The 70273 Project, I know 46 was not my real total, it’s just that I stopped counting somewhere along the way. I also participated in A Year of Cultivating Creativity, but only for a couple of months. There were some real challenges in my life from mid-to-late February until early summer, so I lost steam on a lot of things. That is not an excuse, it just is.

As far as the 31-day blog challenge, which was for December only, I made it all but one day. I so appreciate the opportunity that Cheryl gave to all 34 of us who participated. That has been fun. I don’t know if I’ll continue every single day going forward, but I might. I now know that I can. What do you think? Would you like to continue to see something everyday?

When I’ve set my goals for and word for 2017 I will let you know, but I am not thinking about them today. For now it’s just fun to think on what did get done. It’s fun to remember going to California, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska. It makes me happy to remember watching the dolphins in Florida, walking barefoot on the beach in Galveston, and welcoming friends and family to a party for our son.

For an update on the homefront, I made it back to the antique mall to pick up the three red chairs. Yes, I bought all three of them. I am not sure I really need all three, but it seemed a shame to leave one behind. My favorite find of the day, though, was a silverplate champagne bucket for $18. I had been looking for one, not for champagne, but because I love the shape (and may well plant some orchids in it), but had not seen any for under $40, so when I saw the price on this one, it was sort of a “start the car” moment.

All three!

We went to dinner with our friends last night, and yes, that yummy baby was there too, and I got a wonderful surprise.

A mirror selfie with Miss Squish

My friend Hannah was paying attention when I said how much I loved chocolate cheesecake. She made one for me! Even though I was full from a plate full of Mexican food, I did manage to eat a piece of it, and well…it was just terrific.

Yes, yes, it was delicious.

Life is good, my friends, very, very good. While there were, indeed, some very hard moments, this has been a terrific year. I hope you feel the same way. Count your blessings as you ring in the new year.

Below are some of my favorite moments of this past year. There were so many!

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Wishing you all best for a happy and healthy 2017!

  • shelly

    Happy New Year, Lori! Wishing you a wonderful 2017, my friend.

    • Lori East

      Thank you, Shelly! And to you! ♡

  • Teddy Pruett

    Wonderful post, love the slide show!

    • Lori East

      Thanks, Teddy. I love the slide show too because YOU are in it! ♡