The Day After

Day after

The Day After…I was thinking about it being the day after Thanksgiving, but isn’t that also the title of a movie? Something post-apocalyptic? Yes, it is! Well, that suits. I am finally going to spend some time in my workroom. It will be the first time since July. Yes, July. It looks like a scene from that movie.

I probably won’t be sewing at all today, because yikes! I have lots of digging out to do. Through the late summer and fall, every time I needed something, I would just run through there, dig around until I found what I wanted to take to a lecture or somewhere else, and then run back out. When I came home, I would drop things, and go again. It’s a scary, scary place.

So, while it’s still early, I am going to refill my coffee cup and head downstairs. If I get there before anyone else wakes up and can intercept me, I can work quietly for a while. At least I’ll start to get an idea how big the mess really is. Let’s think positively and say it isn’t really as bad as I think, hmmm? Let’s pretend and say I’m going to be sewing before lunchtime, okay? I wish!

I usually like to put up the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving is over, but I am fighting that urge today. It seems to me that for all the work of putting things out, a couple of weeks isn’t long enough to enjoy it. So, yeah, the earlier the better. But this time, having a clean workroom is more important. Maybe there will be time Sunday afternoon to get a start on the tree.

So, anyway, I’m off for today. I don’t have to cook since we have lots of leftovers, and with three pies, I’m pretty sure I can snag at least one more piece before the weekend’s out. And, as always, there is plenty of hot coffee.

Here’s wishing you a fabulous day. What are you up to? Are any of you hitting the sales today?