My TBR list (or is it piles?) updated


I think I’ve gotten my TBR list updated finally. TBR, as you’ll remember, is “to be read.” Although I am challenging myself to read 48 books this year, I think my list is way longer than that. That’s probably a good thing.

Many of the books on my list are carryovers from last year. I don’t follow the list religiously (unlike my husband who makes his list then methodically reads each book on it, one after another). I just jot down titles I am intrigued by and sometimes actually buy the books, but then read them in whatever order I feel like. There might be years between the time I first notice a book and the day I actually sit down to read it. I have never really felt bad about that, though. I just always figure the book is there when I want it.

This past week I finished, Manage your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind. It’s interesting, another quick read. It contains essays by several different contributors, all mind- or creativity-celebrities. You can read it as pure fluff, but I think that would miss some of the nuggets of good insight it contains. There is some concrete advice on how to structure your day to use your strengths, and how to control your technology, rather than let it control you.

On my plate, or really, in my lap, right now is, A Gentleman in Moscow. I had it on my Kindle and just happened upon it the other night, so jumped right in. One of the things that intrigues me about reading things on my Kindle is the lack of a cover photo. My imagination fills in in the absence of visuals, but is sometimes a little too fanciful. When I actually see the book in print, I am surprised by whatever the publisher chose to put on the cover. It’s never the same as what I envisioned. But that has nothing to do with the book, does it? It was just something I found amusing.

So far, A Gentleman is fascinating. It’s providing a glimpse into a time and place I know very little about. This description from Goodreads says it much better than I can:

A Gentleman in Moscow immerses us in another elegantly drawn era with the story of Count Alexander Rostov. When, in 1922, he is deemed an unrepentant aristocrat by a Bolshevik tribunal, the count is sentenced to house arrest in the Metropol, a grand hotel across the street from the Kremlin. Rostov, an indomitable man of erudition and wit, has never worked a day in his life, and must now live in an attic room while some of the most tumultuous decades in Russian history are unfolding outside the hotel’s doors. Unexpectedly, his reduced circumstances provide him a doorway into a much larger world of emotional discovery.

I want to finish it soon because I have three new books I got in the mail on Saturday. They came from Alabama Booksmith. All three are first-edition and are signed. This is the first time I’ve ordered from this shop, but I will do so again. Shipping was so fast and efficient. The books arrived as if they had just come from the publisher. They are: San Miguel, by T.C. Boyle, Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman, and Wherever there is Light, by Peter Golden.

Inside the box, they were wrapped in heavy brown paper, then inside plastic. Very well protected!

Let’s blame this most recent purchase on Instagram. I happened to see the quote below from Neil Gaiman’s book and was hooked. The next thing you know, I had books on their way to me. Funny how that happens! Jake took excellent care of me and my books, so if you’re interested, pop over and give the site a visit. If you’re in Alabama, the shop is in Homewood (near Birmingham).

I mean, really. Aren’t those words alone enough to hook you?


I’ll probably never get to the end of my TBR list (or pile). I hope not, honestly. If I stop reading, I’ll stop learning, and when I stop learning, I think my life will be done. I’m not ready to take that leap just yet, so I’ll just keep adding things to my list.

What have you added to your TBR list?

  • shelly

    I’ve challenged myself to read 10 books this year. I don’t read much because my hands and eyes are always busy with quilts, so I’m trying to force myself to fit some in. I’m secretly hoping I’ll read more than 10, but I wanted to be realistic (teehee).

    • Lori East

      I have to confess that a good percentage of what I “read” comes from Audible. That way my hands are free and I’m sort of multitasking. Sort of. It’s probably not feasible for you to be walking around with earbuds in though…and ten is still good!

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