Is it Spring? We can hope!

Happy Valentine’s Day! My sweetheart brought me roses earlier this week. He’s wonderful like that. I am really blessed with a sweet, sweet man. Aren’t they a pretty color? That color is more than welcome on late winter, pre-spring gray days.

not springAfter seemingly unending weeks of below-freezing cold, today it’s nearly 50 degrees. The forecast shows another week of weather almost exactly the same: sunny, upper 50s to low 60s, just like spring! But is it spring? At the risk of sounding like the Gloom Club, I’m afraid not. In my neck of the woods, this is a not-uncommon pattern: an early warming trend brings the earliest trees and flowers to bud, then another cruel freeze comes along and zaps them. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be wrong, I’m not a meteorologist, after all. But I’ve seen it before.

Several of you had a nasty ice storm this week. My sympathies. Ice is never welcome. I really do not mind winter, and as those of you who know me know, I love snow. Bitter cold like we’ve had here, though, is among my least favorite things. Ice? pfffft. Unless I can stay home, I hate it. I think it’s safe to say that just about everybody is ready for spring. Am I right?

Since it’s been so nice out, I have not really wanted to be in my workroom. I did finish a couple of blocks to send to the CVMA for their fundraiser (read about it here).



Speaking of that, Mary in the U.K. sent me a pic of the block she made. She used a cool Route 66 fabric mixed with fabrics featuring American cars. That’s fun to me since I live almost right on a section of the old Route 66. Have you made any blocks to send?


coffee and knitting I’ve spent a little time knitting this week, but more of that time has been on Ravelry. Yesterday I had the swift and ball winder out all day. All day! Winding skeins of yarn into cakes so it’s easy to start something new whenever I feel like it is kind of dangerous. While it does make me feel more organized (yarn in cakes stacks, yarn in skeins squishes), it also makes me realize that I have way too much yarn and need to get busy! Hmmm….just like my fabric stash. I wonder if there’s a pattern there?

Whatever you’re working on, I hope spring finds you soon!