Splendid Sampler, Block 2


I am finally getting my Splendid Sampler blocks made, ever so slowly. One evening earlier this week, I cut all the pieces and put them on top of the pattern so that I had a big stack of to-dos. This might or might not work for you, it got a little confusing at times but since there were only a few blocks, I have managed to make it work.

Here’s my block #2, called “Wings.” It was designed by Jane Davidson. You can find the pattern for this block, as well as all of the others, on the Splendid Sampler page, here.

Although the original pattern indicated some embroidery to suggest butterfly antennae, I chose to skip this step because there was already enough going on in my block. As usual for me, the busier the better.

If you’d like to see what other people are doing with their blocks, look here.

More blocks coming soon!