Sometimes it just happens. I’m #sorrynotsorry


So. It happens. I told you yesterday I was planning to spend all day in the workroom yesterday. And I did get a little time, but not all day. I had hoped to be able to show you my progress on the canning season quilt, but give me one more day, will you please? Thanks. I promise, tomorrow I’ll have more to show. Promise. Barring nuclear war or life-threatening emergency.

As is normal for me, something came up and I had to run to the quilt shop. Yes, really, I had to. I was lending something to a friend that she needed right away and that was the most logical place to meet up. Really!

I intended to go, drop off what she needed, take a quick look around, and come home. And I did. Sort of. But…

This happened. Yes, that IS coffee, since you ask. And yes, these are lying on my washing machine. As I type, they are washed and put away. So there.

I know, I know. They don’t go together. And they aren’t meant to. They just each one hollered at me as I walked by them. And yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to buy any more fabric for a while. (Did I really say that? If I did, I must have been delirious, or suffering from lack of coffee.) But, things happen.

Truly, I do not intend for these to be used together. It was just that each one of them fell into place with plans for things I have floating around in my head. Yes, I have at least that many projects working in my brain all the time. Yes, it gets crowded in there.

I really need more orange in my stash. I have almost none. And, while this is kind of muted, it’s still orange. Sort of.


I am always in the market for a good repro and this one, by Jo Morton, checked that box.


Grunge happens.


Okay, this one I really don’t have a plan for but how can you not love something that looks so like handwriting on old paper?


And this because black and white. No really, I DO have a black and white project ongoing and I think this will work really well.


Yes, it happens. I didn’t buy a lot of any of these, but I think they all (well, okay, all but one) will soon find their homes. It’s kind of a #sorrynotsorry thing, you know?

What happens when you go to the quilt store?

  • Wendy Tuma

    One should never pass up fabric that hollers. Just sayin’

    • Thank you for condoning my errant behavior, Wendy! 🙂

      • Wendy Tuma

        Anytime, my friend 🙂

  • Claudette DeRocher Booker

    Okay, LOVE💕💕💕 the Jo Morton. I have been collecting “music” fabric for quite a while. The others? Well I wouldn’t turn them down if they were given to me. I think I was sick or something last weekend. Went to a quilt show, the Texas Quilt Museum, and the quilt shop next door and didn’t buy ANYTHING!!! Not even a FQ!!!

    • Ohmygosh, nothing? You must have been sick. 😉

      The music fabric is just so cool. I am thinking it’ll end up in a collage of some sort. And yes, Jo’s fabric is pretty wonderful.

  • Megan Patent-Nygren

    I’m on a self-imposed moratorium on fabric buying for 2017 unless a specific project needs a specific piece of fabric. So far, I’ve done well with that. I did visit one of my very favorite LQS’s a couple of weeks ago to pick up a solid field fabric to be the negative space and left with only that. I was even there for almost two hours because the proprietor was having a slow day and was super chatty. I’m a quarter in and have five finishes for the year (three planned, two spontaneous). It won’t last forever, but I’m feeling like Im on track with at least one thing I wanted to happen this year.

    Also, I could see those in the same quilt. Happy Monday!

    • Happy Monday to you, Megan!

      I would do well do employ a moratorium like that, but I confess, I’m weak. I see so much potential and if I could sew half as fast as my brain works, it would be amazing. Limitations stink!