Small make finished! Want to make one?


I have lately felt the urge to do a small make or two, little things that I can finish quickly. I have no idea why this is, except that I’ve been thinking of gift items, and also because I actually need a few of them.

This week, I had need of a small bag or pouch. I usually end up with no fewer than six or seven lipsticks in my purse at a time, all stuffed in different pockets. Does that ever happen to you? Frankly, it kind of drives me nuts. Obviously, it doesn’t bother me enough to do anything about it…except make a bag in the hopes that I can corral them all into one place.

I dug through my shelves, hoping to come up with something really amazing to make it out of, and settled on this. It’s heavier than quilting cotton, more of a canvas, so I thought it would be a little better for wear. I didn’t want to interface or use batting, so this was an easy pick.

Can you see that the print leans to the left a bit? The grain was straight but the print wasn’t, so I knew I couldn’t use this in big pieces.

I love these measuring tape prints. You might remember that my little travel sewing bag is made of something similar. But honestly, how much can you do with them? I don’t think I need a whole quilt out of them!

A lining is always a good idea too. I knew I wanted black, but was surprised that I don’t have very many black fabrics. (A reason to go shopping, eh?) I did find this, though. I have no clue where I got it or what I had in mind for it, but the fact that there is almost five yards of it, and there was a little tag that showed I got it for $2.00…well, there you go. So, I thought I could just snip a bit off the end for the lining of my little bag. Someday I might regret doing that, because, of course, those few inches will probably make the difference between having enough for a quilt back and not, but oh well.

Has lots of potential, doesn’t it?

Originally, I thought I wanted a zipper to make sure things stayed inside, but after digging through the bunch of zippers I could find in my supplies, not a one was what I wanted. I knew I wouldn’t have an orange one that would work, but black would have been okay. Navy was the closest I could get, and, uh…no. So I knew that I’d use a button. I have lots of buttons and decided to just pick one when it was time.

Now, I could tell you that I went all pattern-y and accurate, but I would be lying. If any of you want to know how I did this, I might be willing to write a tutorial*, but for now, just trust me when I say I winged it. Five short seams, a bit of edge-stitching, and I was done. You have to love quick and easy, right?

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Yes, all of these lipsticks were in my purse
Because I used a button, I made this so it folded over below the flap, creating a sort of “catch” for things that might want to get out.

There’ll be some more small makes coming up. I enjoyed making this little bag, so I suspect I’ll be doing some other things. What are your favorite little projects?

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