Sew a Quilt of Valor Tomorrow

Tonight on the Quilts of Valor page on Facebook, a young man posted a photo of the quilt he received, and a request for help finding its maker. He called it “…one of [his] most prized possessions.”

This. This is the reason to get up tomorrow and sew. So often we make and give quilts and never know what happens to them, even when we give them to people we know. Often we don’t even get a “Thank You.”

If you’ve made and given many quilts, you know that this is just how it goes. We love making quilts and, by extension, giving them. We give to our loved ones, and after everybody in our family is covered, we give to people we don’t even know.

I especially love Quilts of Valor (and other quilts for vets programs) because, as a former Army wife, I have a real soft spot for the men and women who put their lives on the line for us. Because of what they do, we can live the way we do. So, for me, at least, making and giving these quilts is a way that I can say, “Thank you,” to them. Because of the way it works, we almost never know who gets the quilt we send, and that’s OK. We give with the hope that it brings them comfort.

From time to time, though, a recipient does come back to offer thanks to the maker. I’ve seen it a few times before, and the humility and gratitude they bring touches me. They, who’ve protected our way of life, thank us? How very humbling.