Scrappy projects by YOU today. I love these!


A while back we were talking here about scrap projects, remember?Cindy remarked that she had made a new scrappy Christmas quilt. I asked for photos, and she sent them!

Her description went like this:

“I just put a small Xmas one together last night (appx 36″ sq). Someone had shown one she made at last guild meeting; just put a bunch of fused mostly green XMas scraps with pointy ends into a circle, throw in a few pointy pieces with whites and reds for berries and color or whatever colors you prefer, fuse them down, quilt, add a nice, fluffy 3D bow and ‘call ‘er done’.”

I was intrigued…how about you?

Well, here’s what she sent me:

Cindy’s wreath


A close-up

Great idea, huh?

Another scrappy finish this week comes from Claudette. She calls this quilt “The Beast,” due to its size (94 X 112″) that she hand-quilted. It was a block-of-the-month from Homestead Hearth (called Star Song). It may have been planned, but to my eye it’s still scrappy. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Claudette’s “Beast”

I have not done any more on my scrappy churn dashes. There just hasn’t been time, but I am hoping to get some time on it this weekend. In the meantime, I still have gazillions of red X blocks to stitch together, and would love to get started on Canning Season. And then there’s that quilt from Joe’s class. And the blocks I sewed in the hotel room. Shall I go on? You get the picture!

Those four-patches up at the top are a long-term scrappy project for me. I had forgotten about them until I moved something yesterday and there they were. I am back to piecing them in leader/ender fashion now. Someday they’ll be something!

And then…you may have seen this on Facebook, but I got some seriously happy mail. Gayle Baker, who I met through Denniele when we were at Market last fall, sent me this fabulous fabric from New Zealand! I will let it lie only long enough to think up something wonderful for it. How very thoughtful she is!!

What a sweet gift!

For now I am thrilled to celebrate finishes of any kind. They might not be mine, but I can still cheer Cindy and Claudette for theirs!

What have you been working on? I hope to have a couple more things to show you later in the week. Send me a photo if you have a recent finish, or show us in the comments. And by the way, those comments absolutely make my day. Thanks for taking the time to visit!


  • Claudette

    Thanks for showing my quilt! I have been sewing down the binding and have one more side and corner left. Hoping for a finish today! And I was a good girl and made a hanging sleeve while I had everything out for the binding. Will make a label this week and get it sewn on once the binding and sleeve are finished and the quilt is washed. My quilt is a “planned” scrappy since it featured April Cornell’s Sonnet Collection.

    • You’re welcome, Claudette! I think its beautiful. I am tickled for you that you’ve finished it (or all but). And hooray for sleeve and label!

      Yes, “planned scrappy” is exactly it. It works well!

  • Wendy Tuma

    Both of those quilts are amazing! The Beast — the name made me chuckle — is a gorgeous beast. And how come I never think of something so simple as the wreath idea? Very cool.

    • I laughed at “The Beast” too! But thinking of her wrangling that big thing around to hand-quilt it makes it make sense!

      I like the wreath too…quick, simple, effective! Perfect!