Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Yes, Saturday! Isn’t that a lovely word? So full of promise…

It’s “Support Your Local Quilt Shop Day.” Are you going shopping? As I said earlier today on Facebook, I will probably not go. I support my local shops quite enough all year-round. I am pretty sure they won’t mind if I don’t join the crowds today.

I am free all day and wanted to share something wonderful with all of you. But guess what? I don’t have any pretty pictures, am not going anywhere wonderful (well, yes, where I’m going IS wonderful, but you might not all think so), and there is nothing fabulous on my work table.

Where I’m going is my workroom. What’s on my work table is a MESS. I wouldn’t dare show you photos. This is the stuff nobody ever sees (or maybe shouldn’t see, anyway)on social media, the downright messy, time-consuming, not-so-pretty work.

Does it make me unhappy? Not really. While I’d rather be making something fun, this is a necessary evil. I can’t make anything if I don’t clean up a bit.

So…for today, know that I’m praying that all the folks in the snow zone stay warm, safe, and dry. Know that I’m listening to loud rock and roll, and know that I’m dreaming up some new projects to share with you soon. Do I need to tell you that there will be coffee? I have an idea that is burning a hole in my brain and I’d love to make enough headway to share it with you, but I can’t promise that it will happen. What will happen is dirty dustrags, full trash cans, and lots of noise.

Feel free to look around my blog and site a bit more, if you like, and share share share with your friends!

Happy Saturday, y’all!!