A Clever Repurpose

Many of you know that I really like to repurpose things. I was doing it before “repurposing” became a word. It always makes me feel kind of clever to be able to see beyond a thing’s original purpose and use it in a new way. Sometimes this is borne of need, sometimes I just get a kick out of it. Maybe it’s just some of my rebellious spirit that likes knowing I’m doing something that wasn’t intended. But I digress.

Worth a couple of bucks?
Worth a couple of bucks?

Yesterday I wandered through an antique/flea market/junk mall and happened on this little dish. I think it’s called a compote. Cute, isn’t it? I have a thing for little dishes, even though I really don’t need any more. Ever. But still, it was $2. I was sure I could give it a use. I brought it home and scoured some ick off of it and felt pretty pleased with myself. I can get a lot of amusement out of a two-dollar dish.

It's footed!
It’s footed!

I set it aside and didn’t think much more about my little dish. Then I went to my workroom. I think I’ve told you that my sewing table is always a mess. Always. No, I won’t show you pictures, you’ll just have to trust me. I always have seam rippers and awls and pincushions all over the place. I love Clover rippers and awls for their fat handle. I own at least a million of them. They all get used. A lot. I’m pretty diligent about pointy tools (it’s not fun to find them with your feet) but there really are a bunch of them in my house, always two on my table.

I also have a wonderful weighted pincushion/thread catcher that a friend gave me years ago, but it’s starting to get a little tatty. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it because it was a gift and has some memories of fun times attached to it, but I had been thinking I might like it better at the ironing board to collect all those odd threads I pull off when I’m pressing blocks. So, I needed a place for pins and rippers.

Did you notice those little holes around the rim of my dish? Hmm…I know they’re decorative, but what could I do with them? Just like a kid, I immediately started thinking of what I could poke into them.

Oh, and it’s a dish! Maybe it could hold pins…?


Fun, huh? I tried loading it up with a few other things: my Gingher thread snips, and some buttonhole scissors that were my grandmother’s.

Might be just a tad too messy this way
Might be just a tad too messy this way

I don’t actually use the buttonhole scissors, but because they were my grandmother’s I like having them nearby. I also have the shears she kept at her sewing machine, and those I use often. Sadly, I couldn’t find them to get a photo. I think they’re buried on the cutting table.

So, yeah, my cutting table is still a mess, but at least I’ve made some headway on my sewing table. Or not. I’m still tickled over my $2 dish.

How about you? Do you like to repurpose things too?

  • Janice Britz

    Lori, I have that dish! Now to go bring it up to my sewing room . . .

    • lorieast

      It works great, Janice!

  • Cathy Hansen

    What a great idea!

    • lorieast

      Thanks, Cathy! I am laughing at how smug I feel about this. 😉 Seriously, it just tickles me to no end.

  • I love everything about this – the milk glass, that you have too many dishes (wouldn’t, ahem, know a THING about that myself ;-), ) that you are putting it to good use! I use my “I just had to have another bowl” to put my necessary oodles of thread in.

    • lorieast

      Oh, fine…bowls for thread. I love that idea. Now I need to go hunting for more dishes! Not! 😉

  • CJ

    That’s a vintage Anchor Hocking milk glass sherbet or tall champagne dish in a pattern called Lace Edge – so love what you’re doing with it! We use vintage glass floral frogs in much the same way around here.

    • lorieast

      Oh, thank you! I knew somebody would know what it was. (I can’t keep dish brands and patterns straight at all.)

      I thought about flower frogs when I was sticking my awls in, too, but I don’t have any. Will have to have a look next time I’m out. I can see potential for them!

  • Lee J. Quiltergirl

    Love!!!!! This!!!! Idea!!!!

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