Quilts of Valor

Once again, it’s time for the National Quilts of Valor Sew Day on Saturday, 7 February. I’ll be sewing here all by my lonesome, but that’s OK. I do my best work that way. Most productive work, anyway!

For those of you want to participate in Quilts of Valor, but aren’t up to piecing a whole top, there is a great alternative. My friends at Machine Quilters Exposition (MQX) are collecting QOV blocks (to be made into tops later). Last year, they collected over 4,500 blocks. Think of it: four thousand, five hundred blocks! That is one big pile of quilts.

If you want to make blocks, please take a look at the patterns MQX chose from the designs of Candace West for the MQX donations.


Wonderful, aren’t they? You can find her instructions for the blocks here. (While you’re at it, please take a few minutes to look around the MQX site. If you’re in New England, you must go to MQX in April. Yes, must. I had the pleasure of appraising at MQX-Midwest in Springfield, Illinois, this past September, and could go on for hours about what a wonderful show it was, and such a terrific group of people!)

I already have one entire top cut out to make and send to QOVF after it’s quilted and bound, but you can bet I will spend the rest of the day making blocks to send to New Hampshire. How about you? Think you can make a couple of blocks too? Just think how many they could get if we all made just two. Two!

(And by the way, I will be counting these blocks toward my goal of 350 blocks this year!)

Go. Sew. Make a block. And send it in. Please?