Books and quilts or quilts and books?

What books are you reading this week? I finished reading Neverwhere. It was a fun read, nothing hard or scary or icky or anything awful. Okay, maybe a little icky, but icky in a descriptive, probably-not-going-to-happen kind of way. There were some really fun, imaginative moments with great imagery, and there were moments when I just wanted to smack the protagonist. He was a little, um, weak. Indecisive. Maddening.  The whole story took place in London Below, the world under the city inhabited by all sorts of amazing creatures. It’s a quest story, and ended satisfyingly. I could tell you that they all lived happily ever after, but that might not be quite true.

I’m still reading Night, but only a bit at a time, as I think I’ve told you before. It isn’t easy and I have to balance it with other things or I’ll end up too much in my own head, and seriously horrified about the ability of human beings to hurt others. I believe that ability is unfathomable.


Rules of Civility was next on my list, but I ended up starting The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir instead. I am not sure why other than pure impulse. I keep seeing such grand review for Chilbury that I just wanted to see what all the buzz was about!

In the meantime, I am still plugging away on the canning season quilt. At the rate I am going, I might have it finished sometime next year. I’ve been doing a bit more handwork, though. A friend needed to borrow a couple of my antique quilts and I had to get sleeves and labels on them before they go. More about that soon!

What’s on your reading list this week? Are there any new books that have caught your eye? I’d love to hear about them because, yeah, my list isn’t nearly long enough.

Have a great Thursday!

(p.s. My redbuds are just starting to turn pink and the fruir trees are starting to bloom. Although you might think that means spring is here, there is a chance for snow this weekend. Crazy weather!!)

  • Wendy Tuma

    I was just reading a review on the Chilbury Ladies’ Choir the other day, and it caught my interest. I waivered just a tad when I saw that a tv series is already in the works; however, if I decide I’m going to watch that, it’s best to read the book first. I’m not reading anything terribly notable at the moment, so nothing to share.

    • I didn’t realize there will be a TV program. I almost always like the book better anyway. 😉

  • cindy parry

    Well, I finished “We Are Liars”. I now understand the mixed reviews. I’m not even sure how to review it. It was told from a different point of view, that of a girl who is recovering from a brain injury but doesn’t seem to know it. This results in an odd (but interesting) kind of story telling from that viewpoint. The ending is a bit of a surprise … not totally. You suspect something odd is going on … even odder than it started. Odd as it sounds, I think it garnered greater interest in the last 50 or so pages. On a 1-5 scale, I give it a weak 3 because of the last 50 pages else I’d have given it a 2.
    Am also almost finished (35 more pages) Monticello: A Family Story. You’ll recall I finished America’s First Daughter about Jefferson’s oldest, Martha aka Patsy. This book, Monticello, fills out more of the family. There is much, naturally, that parallels “Daughter”. Love Jefferson, love Virginia, love history, like the book.

    • I’ll admit you have me intrigued about We Are Liars…will check out reviews and might add it to my list, out of curiosity if nothing else. I definitely want to check out the Jefferson books, though. I always love that sort of thing. Also have McCullough’s Washington book on my shelf…it’s been there long enough to get dusty. Guess I need to read faster!

      • cindy parry

        HA! Read faster and Sew faster! 🙂

        • The answer to life’s problems in a nutshell.