A Quilting Play Day

In honor of Quilting Day, i managed to squeeze in a little play time in my workroom today. Since I knew my time was really limited and I had more ideas than I could focus on, I just jumped into a little mindless sewing. There was a pile of scraps on my table, including some 2-1/2″ squares. I just put them together and sewed. Before long, I had a small pile of 9-patch blocks. I put them up on the wall and played with placement.

Play 1
Blocks in one configuration
Moved around a little

I added a 4″ border of the background fabric (I know it’s impossible to see here, but it’s a yellow-on-white polka dot) to all four sides and, oops, forgot to get a photo. The blocks were cute enough, but I really had no need for them and they didn’t excite me. at all. So, after I sewed them all together, I cut them up again! Wonky. Now this…this is fun! (I’m sure some of you are horrified that I would even think of cutting up what amounted to a baby quilt top. This is part of the fun for me, knowing that if I don’t love whatever I’ve made, I’m free to reinvent it. Remember, I called this, “play.” Try it!)

Play 3
Same blocks, cut up all wonky. This is WAY more fun.

As so often happens, especially for moms, just as we’re starting to rock and roll, it’s time to quit. I left those blocks hanging just as you see in the photo above. I’ll have to make some more blocks (I lost some after a few miscuts…oops), and I’m sure I’ll debate how to set them. Right now I’m thinking just plain straight sashing would be good, but am not completely sold on that yet. It might be fun to do something else entirely. They do need some breathing room. Who knows, maybe I’ll cut them up again! Do you have any ideas?

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