A Question for the Sunday Sewcial

Today I have a simple question for the Sunday Sewcial:

What is your favorite part of the entire process of making a quilt?

Do you like the designing of it? Picking out fabrics? Prewashing? (Does anybody really like that part?) How do you feel about pressing your fabric? Is cutting your favorite part? Do you prefer piecing? (And do you prefer hand- or machine-piecing?) How about applique? Of all the different possibilities, what is your favorite?

Do you like quilting the quilt? By hand or by machine? How about binding? Is putting the sleeve on the best? How about a label?

For me, the best parts are designing, piecing (I LOVE to piece, preferably by machine), and binding. Yes, I like binding and almost always do it by hand. I admit, though, that getting myself to actually do this part is really hard. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea!

So, out of all those questions, I would love to know what your favorite part of the quiktmaking process is.

Oh, and one more question: Why is that part your favorite? (You thought I was going to let you off easy, didn’t you?) What do you enjoy about it?

To be fair, I won’t ask the question without answering it myself. I love designing because it’s an opportunity to play with the potential of color and shape. I could piece all day long because I like the idea that I am creating my vision. And lastly, I like binding because it is the last chance to leave my imprint on a quilt. That last bit of handstitching allows me to say, “I made this.”

So, come on, fess up. What do you love most about making quilts? I can’t wait to read all the answers, so do a gal a favor and leave a comment!

(By the way, that quilt in the photo is mine. It was found in Kentucky, and is circa 1900. Cool, huh?)

  • Wendy Tuma

    I enjoy designing, because drawing the patterns out on graph paper is very satisfying for me. I love to play with fabric, so picking fabric is one of my favorite things. Admittedly, though, I’ve done so much reading about how things “need” to go together that I have to get that noise out of my head while choosing fabric. Piecing excites me because I can’t wait to see what it will look like. Binding is a chore, but it is like the final chance to choose a great fabric and give a final frame to the quilt. Honestly, I like the whole process — except prewashing (Lori, we probably need to talk about that :-D)

    • Prewashing…yep, I’m a “gotta-do-it” girl. I know that 99 times out of a hundred, nothing happens. But I’ve seen too many finished quilts come across the appraisal table that were that one…

      I agree, designing is FUN.

  • Barbie Kanta

    I love the designing and picking the colors and the fabrics and that’s why I have over 42 UFOs I get excited about the designing and then it kind of Falls by the Wayside after that….

    • I understand that too well, Barbie! I always say that once I see what it’s going to look like, I’m done. Ready to move on to the next thing.

  • joannewortman

    Piecing. I am mostly a scrap quilter. Although my stash is not huge by most standards, I love pawing around and finding forgotten fabrics that will work. I have got to start getting some tops quilted, as I have three bed sized quilt tops hidden in a drawer. Frozen shoulder keeps me from that task. I love to both machine and hand piece. I am retired now, so I will probably start doing some degree of hand quilting. I have one wallhanging stalled in the hoop for hand quilting. . .

    I love doing things where the end result is a bit of a surprise, I seldom work from a small group of coordinating fabrics, so I get really excited to see what things look like at the end.

    • That’s the fun part for me, too, Joanne, that surprise at the end! And I really love piecing the best.

      Hope you can get those tops quilted! They’ll keep you warm next winter!

  • Nancy Bekofske

    Dreaming up the quilt, playing in my mind then with fabrics, like composing, until it is real in my minds eye. Then I can make it.

  • Claudette DeRocher Booker

    That’s a really hard question. I love picking out the fabrics. My chance to put my mark on someone else’s design. And I love to piece. By hand is my preference. I can take it with me wherever I go. Maybe it’s because I used to sew most of my own clothes, but sitting at the machine feels like work to me. Appliqué is so much fun! I love to watch the design Grow with each little piece. Hand quilting! Now that’s where I find my peace. Adding texture to the quilt just makes it come to life for me. That is probably my favorite part. Binding and sleeve – necessary evils. Labels are usually pretty fast and simple, so I just do it.

    • It’s obvious that hand-quilting is your favorite part, Claudette. You do it so well. I get impatient with myself with applique, but I do enjoy it too…and even hand-piecing.

  • cindy parry

    LOL! You start off with “… a simple question…” but end up asking 20 by my count 🙂 … and not so simple an answer necessarily for each. For me, I enjoy the thought process of design, then choosing or making the fabric to actuate the desired result. I also enjoy designing the label; no two are alike. All have the requisite information but I like to have a design on/in it that reflects the title of the piece and the creation on the front. All the stuff in between is enjoyable to varying degrees to me but the two mentioned are my favorites; design at starting a piece and designing a label means it’s finished and a new one can begin.

    • Too funny, Cindy. Actually, those twenty questions after the first one were memory prompts. Just wanted to make sure everybody had lots of opportunities to think of their favorite part. 🙂

      Your thoughts about labels made me think. I am usually slapping something handwritten on at the last minute just to get it done…maybe I need to slow down and actually design my labels. That seems so much nicer!