Putting the Fragments Together for Valentine’s Day


I’ve been putting all of the fragments from the past few days together and made this little banner. Isn’t it sweet?

Each block contains at least one of the techniques I’ve shown you over the past few days. The top block contains two hearts of the fragment-lace we made in Part 1. It also has a pieced background like what we did in Part 3, earlier today.

The middle block’s hearts are fused-fabric, like what I showed you in Part 2. Their background is also pieced, as in Part 3.

The bottom block is on a flat background, but I made the heart from pieced fabric. I cut the background squares 8″, and the sashing and border 2″. Overall, it measures 11″ wide x 29″ long, perfect for hanging on a door on in a narrow space.

The hearts in all three blocks are fused down, then stitched with a blanket stitch. I also overstitched (straight-line) the hearts in the middle block to further stabilize some of the little bits that I fused down.

The plaid sashing/border…I won’t tell you that I love it, but I do love that I’ve just about used it all up. Finally. It has been on my shelves for ever and has shown up in so many of my quilts. I used it so that it would finally be all gone. I thought about using something I might have liked better, but remember, the point of this exercise was using up my scraps, not putting new fabric under the knife.

I’ll quilt it soon because it still looks a little plain. But hey, I did use up a bunch of scraps. You have to love that! And, you know? It’s kind of cute!

In my house, my gentlemen don’t quite understand the point of decorating for Valentine’s Day…but I’ll tell you a secret. I have a box FULL of hearts my son drew for me when he was just a little guy. I taught him how to draw a heart the day we went to meet his PK4 teacher. For what seemed like years after that he drew hearts for me on the tiniest little shreds of paper, and wrote me sweet little notes. They were so cute I couldn’t bear to throw them out. Someday I will return them to him, I just haven’t decided in what form yet.

What do you think? Will you think about using any of the techniques to relieve your shelves of some scraps? Do you have other methods for using scraps? Leave me a comment below…I love to hear from you!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope it’s filled with chocolate!


  • Guess what, Lori? I LOVE it!! And I love that your boy doesn’t know you kept his tiny hearts…. that is so sweet. Congratulations on clearing some space in your stash too! xx

    • Thank you, Chloe! Did anyone ever tell you what a wonderful cheerleader you are? ♥♥♥