Yesterday I promised to tell you about the progress from my little Saturday QoV sew day. I can’t tell you it was exciting, since I was sewing alone, but I like my own company, so it wasn’t bad. There weren’t any prizes or treats, sadly, and there was plenty of distraction (laundry always intrudes, doesn’t it?), but I was still pretty productive. I did manage to finish a top. Well, wait. I finished a top minus borders. You’ll understand why in a minute.

I was very blessed that my husband and son volunteered to cook supper for me. It was fun listening to them talk as they chopped vegetables, set the table, cooked, and got the whole meal ready. They have a really good relationship so I don’t have to referree disagreements very often, and when they have a job to do, they make a good team. They also make a mean taco salad and clean up after it’s all eaten. I could get used to that!

I had cut out enough pieces to put together 48 big blocks for this quilt. The piecing was quick and easy and there were very few mis-sewings. What hung me up was when I decided, midway through the day that I might be able to get two tops out of my pile of blocks…IF I sashed them and gave them a big border, and…Oy. I should leave well enough alone.

imageLike with Lucille Ball, if I say, “I have an idea,” I should take cover. Things are probably going to get messy. (Only my ideas never turn out nearly as funny as hers.) Fortunately, in the interest of time, I regained my senses and just put all the blocks together to make one quilt. I won’t tell you that I didn’t try turning them this way and that, I didn’t lay them on the mat with space between them, hang them on the wall all turned on point.

I won’t tell you, but I’ll bet you can imagine. image

I also won’t tell you that I played Twister with my blocks, but…well. I might’ve. (I know, not a pretty picture, is it?)

In true me-fashion, I hadn’t really thought much about what I was going to use for borders, binding, a backing, or a presentation case, so in the midst of all the twisting and turning, I had to audition fabrics, right? And remember that I have three other tops from my ABD pile that needed these things too. I had a bunch of large-ish cuts of fabric and I just figured I would work it out. Yeah. I did figure it out, but it took some doing. I wonder why I torture myself that way. I swear that from here on out I’m going to know exactly what I’m going to use where. Trying to sort out which of four quilts was going to get the blue-with-stars, and which the blue-and-white stripe for an inner border, and if I cut x number of inches off this piece, will I have enough left for a backing? It requires organizational skills that I really don’t possess. (Or maybe it’s just my lame attempt at creating a challenge for myself? Sick, I tell you, sick.) Anyway, I did finally sort out which quilt gets what, but it was the biggest challenge of the day, hands down.

I had hoped to get a pile of blocks made for the MQX block drive too, but they didn’t happen. They are first on my list for this week, first chance I get to sew. Both patterns are easy and make great, graphic blocks, so I’m looking forward to doing them. At least when I make blocks, I won’t have to worry about what to use for borders, backs, or binding! This really might be the best way for me to go. I’m not sure I’m to be trusted with anything bigger. I might have an idea.

How about you? Did you sew on Saturday?