Plugging Along — Quilt #40 is pieced!

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I am plugging along here with all those blocks I came home with last Saturday. Remember? I brought home 477 blocks from the sew day. Yesterday I pieced the first of the tops I’ll make from all of those. Jeanne tells me it is #40. That’s forty quilts, y’all! We, the folks who are involved in The 70273 Project have made 40 quilts! Rumor has it there are plenty more in progress.

I’ve actually already started on #41 too, but want to wait until it’s completely pieced before I show it. I’m running out today to see if I can track down batting and backing for at least a couple of these, but expect to be able to get back home and sew some more this afternoon.

Quilt #40 is smallish. It will measure roughly 37″ wide X 59″ long after I put the borders on. Yes, I could make it wider but I won’t. This is as big as IT wants to be. There are four of the largest blocks in it, seven medium, and 54 small, for a total of 65. You’d probably be able to see it better if I pulled the Post-it notes off, but until I have mapped it out on paper, I am not willing to do that. I’m so scared I’ll forget who made what!

I just can’t help but think that this should help my 350 Blocks count, even though I didn’t make any of these blocks. But I did sew them together! I think I counted a total of 67 seams (including a couple of partial seams, more on that in a minute). How many blocks do you think that should count for? I honestly have no clue how many it should count for, so I’d love some input.

Speaking of plugging, I did have a little scare when I was sewing away and the power blipped several times in a row. It actually hiccuped. Fortunately, my machine is plugged into a surge protector (my computer, however, is not. Oops.) All was fine, but it was just one of those weird blips. Does that happen at your house?

Now, about those partial seams. If you’re piecing on of the quilts for this project, it’s a good idea to have some idea how to sew them. Because these are a puzzle set, being able to piece in parts helps a lot. If you have never done it, now is the time to learn. Jinny Beyer did a great tutorial that is much better written than I would do this morning. Even if you don’t need it for The 70273 quilts, it’s a useful tool to have in your arsenal.

I’m off to the fabric store now, hoping my local JoAnn store will have enough Kona white in stock, and that they’ll let me use my 50% off coupon (plus a senior discount, maybe?).

Quilt #41 will be up soon! Are you ready to see it?



  • Wendy Tuma

    Ok, here’s my logic on your seams into blocks. I took 67 and divided it by 4 (assuming four seams for each block, which would give you 16 blocks. Don’t trust me. Math has never been my forte! Hahaha. Irregardless of block numbers, you are doing some good, good work! Let me know if you need my yard of Kona, I’ll run it right over! Ha!

    • Lori East

      That works for me, Wendy! Thanks!

      I actually managed to get several yards of white Kona today, after making the lady at the cutting counter go hunt it down. I bought all they had, which was close to seven yards, for about $4 per yard. Score!

  • I can’t wait to see it! It looks awesome even with the sticky note id tags. You are amazing. Have I told you that today? xo

    • Bless your heart, Jeanne. Thank you. 🙂