Play, that’s what it is. Play.


Hey there! I told you yesterday that I was going to spend the day in my workroom playing, didn’t I? No? I think I said I was going to work at cleaning it up. But guess what? I made more of a mess because I just needed to play.

I spent most of the day on something that wants to get out of my head. I will tell you more about it in a day or two, because it’s still hard to say exactly wher I’m going with it. It’s in there but I haven’t been able to settle down enough to listen. Another problem was that I couldn’t put my hands on exactly what I wanted to use, fabric-wise. It’s hard to believe I don’t have something, but I couldn’t hit on it. And I refuse to buy new for this. Really.

There are no clues here…this makes it look like I’m making a showgirl costume.

You can see why I always end up with a mess…I don’t put things away. In this case, I am working intuitively so I prefer to have everything out so I can grab it quickly. I can’t show you the tabletop at all because that’s where I’m working and I am not ready to commit to what I’ve got. If I take a photo of it that means I have to seriously consider it, right? Something like that.

By the way, the photo at the top? That really is something I love to play with. It’s hand-dyed cheesecloth (unfortunately, the lighting just won’t show the colors well). That is the tail-end of a bag of it I’ve had for eons. I will either need to find somebody who dyes it or get busy and do some myself. Cheesecloth ends up in most of my art quilts. Yes, I really do need it.

Anyway, there you go. I did enjoy it the time, but it was also frustrating. Play and work can be the same sometimes, can’t they? I can’t quite get what’s in my head down. Yet. I’m hoping that a little more sketch and doodle time helps. The subject matter is emotional for me, so maybe I am just not ready. Or maybe I haven’t given myself enough time. We’ll see.

Anyway, I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Let me hear what you’re up to!