Plans change…and sometimes it’s my own fault


I’ve had a change in plans…

I had intended to show you all something new I am working on this morning but I’m afraid that’s going to have to wait. Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned, you know?

I am finally going to get down to cutting a thousand half-square triangles for the canning season quilt. Actually, I will probably cut even more because I am thinking I might make it a bit bigger. Shelly has written the pattern to be 74″ wide by 91″ long. I suspect (hope) I am going to like how mine looks enough to make it for our bed. We have a queen-sized, very deep mattress, so I will have to figure out how much bigger it needs to be…at least 20″ wider. Math. Pffft.

There is one little problem, though. I went to Joplin to get the background fabric yesterday, at The Fabric Merchant. I hadn’t been in in a while, so I was kind of all over the place, looking at everything. Since I was the only customer in the store at that moment, I think the poor lady working must have thought I was the ball in a pinball game, pinging from one side of the store to the other. And back.

Such a bright space!

I picked out some inspiration fabrics, just because they lit my little brain on fire:

Aren’t these fun?

And a little more inspiration:

Basic Grey Compositions

And I didn’t take time to look up exactly how much fabric Shelly’s pattern called for. I was thinking it needed 4-1/2 yards, so I bought six (remember, I am planning to make it bigger).  I got this:

Fun, huh?

To go with these, that I’ve had forever…it’s a mix of things, but all bright and cheerful:

There are lots of other prints in the basket I pulled these out of

My plans are to make it completely scrappy, as in, my blocks will probably not have all of any one color or fabric in each triangle. (It’s probably a good idea if I check that before I make all the blocks that way, but that’s what I’m thinking right now.) Doesn’t it sound fun? All those brights? And a little white. There won’t be a ton of contrast but I am okay with that. All that color makes me happy.

So you might be wondering what my problem is. Remember that I said I didn’t look up how much I needed? Only after I got all the way home and had put the fabric in the washer did I bother…and…my six yards is not enough. Shelly told us to plan 6-1/2 yards. I’m thinking I should have at least a yard and a half, or even two more, to be safe. Ahem. Measure twice, cut once, and read the directions!

The good news is that there was still plenty of that fabric on the bolt. And I am off and running right this minute so I can be there when they open at 9:00. I’m coming straight home (except for a short stop to get coffee), throwing the fabric in the wash, and will then be in my workroom for the rest of the day. I mean it. A thousand half-square triangles is a bunch, and I have no idea how many more I’ll need but I’ll figure that out as I go.

Wish me luck, huh? I’ll let you know how I do. Can you see why I rarely follow patterns?

Do you follow instructions? Or are you, too, a rebel who ends up in trouble at times?


  • Susanna Cornett

    Moral: Always buy more. Although if it’s scrappy, you could have just pulled in more from your stash, but who am I to discourage fabric shopping?! I love the colors too. I’m thinking of making a postage stamp quilt just because it’s easy and doesn’t require much skill or thought. 2″ squares. We shall see. I somewhat suspect that your situation is a ruse to drink coffee and fabric shop, though.

    • Well, yes, it’s scrappy but I wanted to use a consistent background. Even if I had been willing to make that scrappy too, I didn’t have enough greens to make the whole thing. So, yeah, I HAD to get it.

      I am all in for postage stamp quilts. I love them!

      And who are you accusing of drinking coffee and fabric shopping? Oh, yeah, right. Me. Ahem.

  • Wendy Tuma

    Oh goodness, Lori, those colors are just perfect for the quilt! It’s going to be fun, fun, fun! I hate it when I think I have the right amount in my head and get home and find out I was wrong. Ugh. At least there was more on the bolt! Can’t wait to see your progress!

    • Thanks, Wendy! I think they’re really fun too. Maybe I am wishing for spring more than I thought because that’s what they look like to me!

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