I finally finished all the cutting for the Canning Season quilt yesterday. I am still piecing triangles because, hey, there are a bunch! But once I had a big enough assortment, I got excited about how the blocks were going to look, so I pieced four sections to make a block. And…oops. If you look at the photo above, you can see what I did. In that lower left quadrant, I goofed on the middle row. Oops!

Not that it couldn’t be fixed. It could, and was, easily. Cue my buddy, Jack. The Ripper. He’s my pal. He fixes my mistakes. I love Jack.

Originally, I pushed my seams to one side as I pressed, but I decided to try pressing them open since I had to fix it anyway. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t do that, but I didn’t like how messy my seam intersections were. So…yeah. they are much better pressed open.

Here it is, all fixed. Note that the four sections aren’t yet sewn together into one block. I just wanted to see if I was going to like this as much as I thought.

Pretty, huh?
Since the blocks will be set on-point, this is a better view. I think it’s going to be wonderful!

Right now I’m off to the dentist for a good bit of the morning. Yippee! Not. After I get back home I’ll make some more triangles. And more still.

I am planning to throw all the half-square ┬átriangles in a bag and treat this as a scrap quilt, by the way. If I don’t do that, I think I might just go mad trying to space them all out. There are 26 (maybe 27) prints, besides the green background, and each block has 28 triangles, so there will be at least one duplicate in each block. There are no other fabrics on my shelves that I think really work, though, so that’s that. (Okay, there is that black with pink polka dots that I showed you the other day, but I’m not really sold on it.) I do believe I am going to love the way all the colors play in this just the same.

What do you think?

*UPDATE: After looking at Shelly’s photo, I think all of my blocks need to be rotated. Another oops.**

Or maybe it is the combination of turning them pointing the two ways…I’ll know more when I can get back to them later.
  • Wendy Tuma

    I love the colors! They are so bright and happy, and that green background! Will be fun to see this come together. Hope you can get some stitching in after your dentist visit (boo).

    • Thanks, Wendy! I’m pretty happy with them. I need to make the rest of the triangles, but am anxious to piece some more of the sections. Once all the triangles are done, it’s essentially a nine-patch, so shouldn’t take too long to get it pieced. I hope.

  • Barbara Runkle Swing

    I love your blocks and the colors you’ve selected!

    • Thanks, Barb! They look all springy, don’t they?

  • cindy parry

    You had time in the dentist’s chair this morning, too?! Been with them 11 years now. Actually, I had a fun visit (if there’s such a thing). My hygienist is a hoot; she’s young and just learned she pregs again with #3. So happy for her!
    Did a little yard clean up this morning before my appointment, now hanging out OL (obviously) and will get upstairs in a few minutes to sew.
    As for your blocks … I like both versions (yours and Shelly’s) very much. Can’t wait to see it done. Happy sewing!

    • I did, Cindy! How funny! I saw my hygienist last week, and she too is pregnant. This week I saw one of the techs that I hadn’t seen in a long time, so that was fun too. We love our dentist…have been with them about the same length of time you’ve been with yours.

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