Curtains!! Or, not making quilts, but sewing just the same

Lori East Quilts, appraisals, sewing

No quilts this week, but I HAVE been sewing and a few other things…What was I doing?

Lori East Quilts, sewing, appraisals
A long post office receipt

Well, first, I finished up a HUGE stack of appraisals. That is always so good to get done. They take more time than people realize and I always try to hurry, but I don’t want to goof. But that’s not sewing. Here’s what I was sewing:

I was making curtains. Lots of curtains. Nothing fancy, really, and not for me. But still a fun project. Why? Let me tell you.

There is an area program that I think is one of the coolest things ever. The fact that one of my dearest friends, Jamie, directs it, helps, but I am behind her 100%. Jamie directs a program called Forge , or The Forge Center for Virtue and Work. It grew out of a local shelter to help give twelve men a firm foundation, a reboot of their lives. The program addresses the whole man, mind, body, and spirit, and allows them to lift themselves from a life of drugs and alcohol on the streets, to healthy, working community members.

When I visited the facility in the summer, the building was still in transition. There was a lot to do. I realized that there was nothing at most of the windows. Since it’s at the edge of a residential neighborhood, I just kept thinking that a little privacy would be good. And ya know, I am all about fabric. So I volunteered to make curtains.

Fast forward a couple of months to just a week before Forge’s open house. Still no curtains. True to my title of Queen of Last Minute, I took my trusty Featherweight and a stack of freshly washed twin-sized sheets over, set up at the conference table, and sewed like the wind… And didn’t get done. I made a good dent, but still.

Of course, the night before the open house, I was still sewing. Fast. I even sewed over my finger once (and didn’t bleed on the curtains! Yay!).

The good news is I DID finish on time…just. I got the last bits hung just before the news crews got there. YAY!

forge, Curtains, sewing, Lori East quilts
These, for the Game Room, are simple, but they soften the edges a little, yes?
Sewing, Forge, Lori East Quilts
I love how Jamie has made this space so homey. This is the Library.


sewing, Forge, gym, Lori East Quilts
The simplest of the curtains, but my favorite. They let light in while the guys are in the gym, but give a bit of privacy.

I didn’t get many photos because there were lots of people and I was trying to stay out of the way. But check out this video to learn more about Forge, and meet Daniel. (Daniel wants me to teach him to sew.)

The best part of doing this? The thanks and hugs I got from the guys. To a man, they each one hugged and thanked me for helping to fix up their home. My heart was happy.

What have you been making? Leave a comment to tell me about it! I LOVE hearing from you all!

Until next time!

  • Wendy Tuma

    What a neat thing, Lori! The curtains look great, and I know how hard you worked to get them done. Fun that Daniel wants to learn to quilt!

    • Oh, thanks, Wendy. It really was fun…I just wish I had had more time to do more. But the guys were SO appreciative. And yeah, he wants to sew!! 😄