Nearly 7,000 of over 70,000 — can you make a block?

7,000. 70273, Lori East Quilts, today

Nearly 7,000 blocks of over 70,000 needed have passed through the Cashiers, North Carolina, post office. The 70273 Project is a gazillion times bigger than any of us ever expected way back in February when Jeanne Hewell-Chambers thought it up. But. We still need your blocks. You can do the math. Seven thousand is only ten percent of 70,000. That’s where you come in.

Could you see your way to make a couple of blocks? (Can you make 7,000?) There are very few requirements. They need only be two red x’s placed on white fabric. You may paint them on, stitch them on (by hand or by machine, raw-edge or not), or fuse them on. Here are some I’ve made in the past:


More, 7,000

The only hard and fast rules are these:

1. The background must be white fabric. White and only white.

2. Each block must contain two red x’s, and only two.

3. Blocks must measure exactly 3.5 x 6.5″, 6.5 x 9.5″, or 9.5 x 13.5″.

Those aren’t too hard are they?

I’ve written about this project before, here and here, and countless others have as well. There are now people in over 40 countries involved. Google it if you need to. It was set up to commemorate the lives of the 70,273 people who were murdered by the Nazis prior to the Holocaust, as part of Aktion T4, an horrendous program in which those deemed “unfit” were “disposed of.”

Each block you make represents one soul lost. And each block you make helps the world remember an atrocity that must not be allowed again. As you stitch, think of those you know who might well have been lost if we lived in different times. Think of those who escaped. It is far more sobering than you might realize.

Will you make a block or two? Will you make more? (7,000?) You can do it as a group project, a guild project, a family thing, how ever you want to. However you choose to make your blocks, please download a provenance form (one for each person), fill it out, and pin it to your stack of blocks, to mail to:

Jeanne Hewell-Chambers, P.O. Box 994, Cashiers, North Carolina 28717.

There are several ways you can connect to the group via social media too. Hop over to Jeanne’s site to see how and to have any questions you may have addressed. You might even catch a glimpse of the quilt that is going to QuiltCon!

Please think about contributing. You’ll be so glad you did.

As for me, it’s going to reach a balmy 20 degrees (F) here today. I have every excuse I need to sit and stitch all day long. Won’t you come sit and sew too?

Be sure to stop back by Monday to see my first finish of the year! Until then, have a wonderful weekend!