My Word!

I don’t make resolutions. I know myself well enough to know that resolving to do something is a sure road to failure. I do have intentions, and that’s different. Resolutions are vague catch-alls like “lose weight,” “be nicer,” “exercise more.” While I might achieve some of those, I do better to set concrete goals for myself, like “lose ten pounds,” “invite Betsy to lunch,” or “quilt three days a week.”

I started this year with the intent of making a word quilt. I first noticed that Teri Lucas had made a word quilt (way back in December). I thought it was a brilliant idea! What better way to remind myself of my quilting-related (and some personal) goals than with something I could hang on the wall and see every day? Then, the idea popped up again on the Prairie Moon Quilts blog. That linked to 15 Minutes of Play, and the challenge. OK, you don’t have to beat me over the head! I was getting a clear message that I needed to make this thing.

As I set about thinking up a guiding word for 2014, I kept coming back to “focus.” I can surely use more focus…who can’t? But visually, I see focus as a ever-decreasing dot which excludes everything else around it. I can’t afford to exclude the parts of my life that don’t fall within the circles surrounding that dot.

“Intent” can be both noun and adjective. As a noun, it can be defined as the thought that makes something happen. As an adjective, it is something like focus, but not quite as exclusive. I see it as something different than “intend,” too. Intending to do something sounds like I am planning to miss the boat. But if I am intent on taking care of it, I’ve come around to the front end of the word, and am ready to take it on. I am going to do it, not later say I wish I had. Visually, too, it encompasses more.

So here it is, all pinned and ready to quilt. I made this to remind me why I do what I do and how I want to do it. I started with nothing but a very vague idea of what I planned, and let the quilt take the lead. What fun! It was also a nice little boost to get a quilt made and (almost) finished in a day. Finishing, you’ll find, is something that needs more of my energy, but more on that another day.

What am I intent about? Well, you’ll have to follow along this year as it unfolds. There will be things about my home, family, God, and quilts. There will be other things along the way, of course, but those are what always come first on my to-do list.

Have you picked a word yet? Are you making a quilt for it?