Monday, Monday

Redbud (c) Lori East

Monday flowers (c) Lori EastYep, Monday again. A wet, cool Monday with a bit of snow…while we muse over sunburns from Saturday. Actually, I’m grateful for the rain or snow, if (big if) it has to be cold since it will help protect my fruit trees that are all starting to bloom. I don’t remember why this us so, but an orchardist friend once explained it all to me.

Nonetheless, it’s spring. In my head, spring consists of vivid blue skies and temperate days, green things sprouting, and flowers blooming. My mental image doesn’t allow for any yuckiness. It’s full of cotton ball clouds, baby bunnies, and promise.

My quilts are like this too. In my head, they are all wonderful, colorful, visually balanced, and immaculately made. Each one is unique and is even better than the last. Oh yes, in my head they are all winners!

Why yes, yes, I do live in a dream world. It’s lovely there.

Flowering tree (c) Lori EastThe truth is, spring brings cold weather, tornadoes, and bugs. It’s not all lilacs blooming and magically-tilled soil. It means cleaning out flower beds, planting, and weeding. And yes, hoeing. Have I told you how much I hate to hoe? (And did I tell you that I grabbed ahold of a snake while weeding the strawberries Saturday?)

That’s true of quilts too. There can be a lot of less-than-perfect stuff that happens. Fabric miscuts, poorly matched seams, less-than-inspired color choices (you know, those “What was I thinking?” colors), happen. Maybe you take a shortcut and it doesn’t work. it happens. Believe me, it happens.

But if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Yes, it might not be perfect. Yes, the deer might eat my garden. Yes, I might get a top together only to hate the end result. Colors might not work together quite like I’d hoped, or those peas might not be the best I’ve ever grown. But if I hadn’t taken that first step, if I hadn’t planted the peas, or translated the image in my head to fabric, I would never have known. That would be the real dream world, wouldn’t it? I’d go through life with a head full of ideas I was positive were amazing, but without the knowledge of what they really were. Which is better, the idea or the truth? I prefer the truth. Sometimes i don’t get what you planned. Sometimes it goes awry. But sometimes, once in a while, it’s even better than i hoped. I try to learn from the first and, after I get past the slack-jawed amazement over the second, learn from it too.

I have gotten only a few hours in my workroom lately,Dogwood (c) Lori East but I have a fun idea in my head. I am not quite ready to show it to you yet, but I will. Promise. Truth is, it’s still a bit nebulous…kind of like those big, fluffy clouds in the spring of my mind’s eye.