March wrap-up, late!

Hi everybody! Yes, yes, I know I’ve neglected you. SO sorry. It’s already the tenth of April, way past time for my March wrap-up. Sheesh. Time goes WAY too fast. And spring is here! See? (And yes, the lawn needs to be mowed! We’ve had tons of rain and just a day or two of sunshine makes it grow before your eyes, it seems.)

March wrap-up
One of three pretty redbud trees in my yard

My March count toward 350 Blocks goes like this:

Finally pieced the twelve blocks in the Goose in the Pond quilt, and its back (flamingos). Counting this as only twelve blocks even though (sigh) each block had 77 parts. Okay, really, I’m done whining about that. I’m counting the back as one block too, because I hate piecing backs.

The goose/flamingo quilt, by the way, will be coming home soon AND it has a new name! I’ll give you a peek:

March wrap-up
Just a peek!

Tease? Me? Yes, yes, I am. I am also working on patterning that one too, so expect it to show up on my workshops page in the near future.

Pieced a back for the Rooster quilt here. Counting this back as two blocks since it is very, very scrappy. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of it before it went off to the post office, but will try to remember to show you when it comes home.

Pieced a back (and was digging in the bottom of the barrel) for the blue Robbing Peter to Pay Paul that I showed you here. I’m counting this back as two blocks too. This quilt dates back far too many years so it’s good to get it moved out.

And…I made enough blocks for my son’s Houndstooth quilt, 157 pieced blocks. It is still in progress, since I haven’t quite gotten it all sewn together. I have a few more rows pieced than I did in this photo below, but somehow I managed to lose the photo I took to show you, so just imagine it, OK?

Simple houndstooth

Using an ombre fabric and expecting to just sew all the blocks together kind of fell apart on me. It would’ve been better if I’d just sewn them together any old way. But no, I decided I want the color to transition from top to bottom. (See? There I go, thinking I have a plan. Oy.) But the blocks are done!! I promise to get it finished up soon to show and tell a little more about it. It’s going to be wonderful (and has a really fun fabric for the back!).

That brings my total for the month to 174. Not bad, eh? Two oldies done, one marinated piece added in the mix, and progress on a new one. I have a LOT more projects in the mix, so I’ll be back soon to update you!

What are you working on?


Interested in having me bring the flamingo/goose quilt, or any other, to your guild? Email me at and let’s talk!