Lincoln Re-cap — quilty stuff and old and new friends


My weekend in Lincoln was a blast. 

On Friday, I was able to connect with my pal, Edie McGinnis, for a quick  lunch.  Three hours is quick with a friend, isn’t it? I’ve told you before how much Edie makes me laugh, right? She is a howl. The fact that our lunch was delicious didn’t hurt either. There may have been gelato.

We were laughing too hard to manage our own selfie, so a kind lady took pity on us.

I got into Lincoln late enough Friday evening that I didn’t really want to do anything much, so I skipped supper and took my junk (plus my trusty Featherweight) into my room. I had some fabric that I wanted to play with, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. Since I only had a jelly roll, and a little bit of yardage, I had no clue what I originally bought it for. It is Botanique by Lila Tueller for Riley Blake. Think I should start putting notes on things? Anyway, I basically just started sewing things together and got this:

Nothing too complicated, just mindless sewing

I ended up bringing home 36 finished blocks, with stuff sorted to make 42 more. They measure roughly 8.25 inches each, so I should easily have enough for a good-sized throw, but I might see if I can track down a little more to make it big enough to fit my bed. We’ll see. Once I get home, I will square them up and throw them up on my wall to see what I think.

Saturday’s workshop with Joe Cunningham at the International Quilt Study Center was phenomenal. I had wanted to take Joe’s classes for such a long time, and he didn’t disappoint. The best part of the day for me was that when I was slipping into my comfort zone, he came along and pushed me right back out of it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that! To my mind, that alone marks Joe among the very best of teachers. He seemed to enjoy being among us, and took time every so often to play his guitar and sing. What’s not to love?

Did you know Joe plays the guitar and sings too?
He provided just enough constraints on what we were doing to shift our thinking just that little bit…

I had some great table mates. To my left was Lily C., an art quilter from Kansas City. (Some of my readers know her, no doubt!) At the other end of the table was Megan, a local Modern quilter whose adorable daughter was taking a class elsewhere in the museum. And on my right was my Facebook friend, Julie, from Wichita. Neither of us knew the other was going until just a few days before. You have to love that! Like Joe and I, Julie and I had been friends on Facebook for quite a while but had never actually met. How fun is that?

My table mates (clockwise: Lily, Megan, Julie, and me)


My old/new friends: Julie, Joe, and me


Julie was the first to finish hers! I have reason to believe this will soon be gifted to a certain sweet little grand boy. How cool is it? VERY.


My first block


You can see the first block I made, above. I would have stopped there, maybe adding borders to finish it up, but this is when Joe came along and pushed me beyond what I thought I could do.


Part 2, going in a different direction than I expected here…


Stay tuned to see where this ends up. I think I have more or less of an idea where it’s headed, but not so much that I really know. Once I know, as I’ve told you before, I am done. I want to finish this piece. That green/black combination? Love it/hate it, but it’s all good. I have to finish this one to see what happens, and then start another, using what I’ve learned.

After all that fun for the day, I had a great Saturday evening too. My friend, Kris Vierra took time from her whirlwind life to come have dinner with me. Kris is a longarmer par excellence who also blogs about her adventures in longarming and getting in shape. It’s always fun to see Kris. We talk quilts, of course, and family (her boys are close in age to mine), and any number of other crazy things. Sadly, I didn’t get a photo of us. Together, we talk 90 miles an hour, so it never even occurred to me. Maybe next time!

On Sunday, I got to be a little lazy in the morning. Lincoln is a fun town but I couldn’t come up with anything I just HAD to do on a Sunday morning. So, I sewed for a bit before I left the hotel. Then I headed back to Quilt House in the afternoon.

Luke Haynes’s s log cabin quilts are on exhibit right now, so I was happy to have a look at those. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen an exhibit mounted like this before.

Joe’s lecture was terrific. He talked a bit about quilt history and some about his own evolution as a quilter. We were treated to views of some great quilts. I was so glad I went.


The drive home (about six hours) wasn’t bad at all. I know where every coffee shop between Lincoln and home is, so I can time my coffee/potty/gas stops well. The road between is a straight shot and interstate all the way, so it moves pretty fast. Still, it was kind of late when I got home.

Am I tired today? Well, yes, but my brain is on fire with new ideas!

What did you do fun this weekend?