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Lectures & Workshops, Lori East Quilts


Lori offers a variety of lectures and workshops on quilts, quiltmaking, quilt history, and appraisal. There are trunk shows, lectures, and even a slide show. Pick one, and add on a companion workshop, and come have some fun!

Lori loves audience participation. She can’t promise she won’t get a little goofy from time to time, but she can promise you will have a good time.


GATHERING UP THE FRAGMENTS (1-hour trunk show) 

What do you do with those old orphaned blocks? Doilies? All the odds and ends of family treasures? You make a quilt, of course! Lori shares a variety of quilts (even some award-winners!) she’s made over several years of using vintage goodies. (Companion workshop available.)

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This fun, fast-paced workshop gives everyone a chance to see what sewing with vintage pieces is all about. Lori brings a special, hand-selected kit for each student ($25 each) and everybody completes a one-of-a-kind treasure. Along the way, learn tips and tricks that Lori has gleaned from more than 15 years of sewing with those odds and ends that might otherwise be lost, to include care, collage, and ways to incorporate all of the fragments.

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I HAVE THIS QUILT (1 hour-trunk show)

You’ve inherited a quilt made by Great Aunt Sally and it has seen better days. You got a great deal on a quilt at the auction but you got it home and realized it needs work. Your group brings the quilts, Lori will discuss ways to give new life to your quilts whether through repair, restoration, conservation, or recreation.** This lecture is a great companion to the Dealing with the Past workshop **

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DEALING WITH THE PAST (4-hour workshop)

Learn all about getting a vintage or antique quilt top ready for (gasp!) machine or longarm quilting. Is it safe to do? Will it hurt the value? How should you fix it? What if it just plain stinks? Lori has the answers. Attendees are encouraged to bring tops about which they have questions so everybody can get in on the discussion.

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Lori brings her extensive and very quirky collection of butterfly quilts and quilt tops, so we can look not just at all the variation in butterfly patterns, but so much more. (Companion workshop available.)

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Create your own version of a beloved classic pattern (based on a 1930s version Lori owns) AND a special, secret trick for making a perfect Garden Maze sashing. Pattern purchase is required ($8 each), students bring fabrics and a desire to learn!


SIGN HERE, PLEASE  (1-hour trunk show)

Explore the history of the American signature quilt. Lori shares examples from her own collection (and encourages participants to bring theirs) to unravel the mystery of signature quilts: why these quilts were created, what they can tell us about place and time, and how we can create our own versions today.

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SIGN HERE, PLEASE (4-hour workshop)

Make your own version of a classic signature quilt using Lori’s pattern (choice of one of the patterns below for the group) and your own fabrics. (Supply list available with signed contract.)

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Make it New

— Make a new quilt based on an antique. Learn how to draft a pattern and adapt it for modern techniques. What a difference a few simple changes can make! (4-hour — Supply list available)

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PIECING WITH NEUTRALS (1-hour trunk show/lecture)

Lori brings a collection of atypical vintage quilts that will definitely make you rethink white and muslin backgrounds. She discusses basic color theory and shows how to choose different colors in your quiltmaking. You’ll never look at backgrounds the same way again!

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WHAT’S SHE LOOKING FOR? (1-hour lecture)

For those who wonder why they need an appraisal. Lori explains the process of appraising, what she’s looking for, and why. Using examples from her own collection, Lori reviews and illustrates the factors that go into an appraisal and why appraisals are important. ** This lecture pairs up nicely with an all-day appraisal day following **

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COME PLAY!! (1 hour slide presentation//trunk show)

“I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Anymore, Mary,” 2008, Lori East

Have you ever thought about how different artists produce such different work, even given the exact same set of raw materials? Lori was privileged to play along with an amazing group of 19 artists over three years. She brings a slide show of quilts, along with her own from that and other challenges,with ideas for challenges you can create for yourself or for a whole group.


IF QUILTS COULD TALK (1 hour trunk show with group participation)

The truth is,they do, if we listen. Lori leads your group on a run through two hundred years of American history with quilts and fabrics, revealing what they have to say. She encourages participants to bring their own pieces, too!

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Get your map for travelling the road to appraiserhood. Is it just like Antiques Roadshow? Lori shares her experiences in becoming an AQS-certified appraiser as well as a few tales from 13 years at the appraisal table.


COMING SOON!! (workshop)



Find my schedule here. Please contact me for fees or further information. Email me at Lori@LoriEast.com with inquiries. I look forward to meeting YOUR group!