Kents (or Kent’s) Cloth of the Nations

Kents cloth, three years, Lori East quilts

It was three years ago that I first published a blog post about the Kent’s (or Kents) Cloth of the Nations.

Do you remember? You can read it here. Why my confusion about the name? Well, to my mind, since they were made by Percy Kent, the correct name should be “Kent’s.” But, the Internet doesn’t always agree with my insistence on apostrophes, hence “Kents.”

I still think the Kents cloth feedsacks are interesting. I have a lot more feedsacks now than I did then (somehow they just manage to find me). I have not gotten any more of the Kent’s cloth, though. I still have one whole sack and half of another. And, although I usually have no qualms about cutting up feedsacks to use in quilts, this is one that I am not particularly anxious to cut. Most of the sacks I have are not the special ones that are especially sought-out or valuable. Some of them are pretty and some are downright hideous. I was surprised to see that one of the Kent’s cloth sacks recently sold for $59 on eBay.

On the whole, I don’t collect feedsacks. As I said, they just somehow find me, and while I do have a sizable pile of them, it isn’t because I went looking for them. I do have friends whose collections are huge, though.

I told you that one Kent’s cloth sold for $59 just this week. But one also sold for only $25 in August. A difference in condition may account for some of that, but I just don’t know.

The market for feedsacks is hard to track. It seems to wax and wane faster than the one for quilts. The market for antique and vintage quilts, as you may know, has been soft for some time. But feedsacks are in a world unto themselves. There still seem to be enough of them around that they don’t seem scarce. But as more people buy them and cut them up, there will be fewer and fewer.

What do you think? Do you collect feedsacks? Would you use them in your quilts? I’d be curious to hear!