January 350 Blocks Recap

I still can’t believe January is over. I wanted to get a lot more done, but there you go. I feel that way pretty much all the time.

It’s time to tally up the blocks I got done for the 350 Blocks challenge this month. I was worried that I wouldn’t meet the goal of 20 for the month because I was focusing on finishing rather than making new blocks. Fortunately, it looks like I slid in under the wire.

The word quilt, “Finish” counts as six blocks. There are a ton of seams in that little thing. It, incidentally, is still waiting for me to quilt and finish it. No irony there, eh?

Finish quilt January
My word quilt. I was planning for this to be one of the first of my 55!

Although I have the pieces for a lot more, I ended up with four whole scrappy churn dash blocks. That really isn’t that bad because I just wanted the pieces ready to work on when I needed something I didn’t have to think about.

Scrappy churn dash blocks

I ended up with eleven of these “X” blocks. I have found an easy way to make them and may well be using that in a pattern soon but needed to test the sizes. Expect to see more of these blocks before all is said and done.

X blocks, test sizes

Last are my wonky bow tie blocks. Since I already had a few of these, I can only count six of them for January. There will probably be more of them one of these days, they’re fun to make but do require paying attention to keep the parts in the right order. I can only pay attention for so long before I get bored.

Wonky bow ties

So, there you have my January recap. Twenty-seven blocks and four of 55 finishes knocked out. I guess that’s not too bad, all in all, is it?

I’m hoping to get caught up with the Triangle Salad quilt-along and a couple of other projects, but you just never know how I’ll do. In any event, I’m looking forward to February!

I’ll be back soon to show you something really special I got last Friday. You won’t see it anywhere else, I promise.


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  • shelly

    I wanted to get more done in January, too. Time sure ran out fast. Hoping that even with 2 less days, I can get more done in February!

    • Lori East

      Me too! I wonder, though, if we had all the time in the world, would we ever feel we’d gotten enough done? The key, for me at least, is that nasty F-word: Focus. Sigh…