It’s time for some spring cleaning


Well, cleaning, anyway. I’m not sure about the spring part.

Two days ago I thought spring might really be here. It was 81 degrees! I noticed the lilac bush trying to get some leaves, and the jonquils are blooming. I even noticed that there was some new birdsong. Yesterday was cooler though, and it got into the 20s last night.

But cleaning has to happen today. Specifically, I’m talking about my workroom (as usual). Yikes, what a flipping mess! I am up against some deadlines and want to be focusing on those things, but I have to create some order. You might notice that this is becoming something of a pattern for me. Yeah, well…

So, you’re getting a break today. Feel free to stop by and pitch in, though. I’ll be the one with the cleaning rags in her pocket.

Bring coffee.

And be sure to stop back by tomorrow for the Sunday Sewcial!



  • Julie Gier

    You are not alone! My room is a giant disaster! When it starts to bother me….I know it’s bad! It is such a never ending battle…you want/need to create….but creating leaves a mess. I don’t know how people have spotless sewing rooms—they must be the people who throw stuff away! 🙂

    • I think you’re right! Either they throw things away or they only work on one project at a time. I am neither of those.