It’s Pinterest-ing what you can learn when you aren’t looking


I spent way too much of yesterday on Pinterest. It is like the rabbit hole of rabbit holes, isn’t it? You start out looking for a recipe for, oh, I don’t know, grilled bananas, let’s say (ewwww!), and three hours later find yourself reading about cliff-diving in Bali. How does that happen?

As you know, I am scheming some updates to our house. A lot of the time when I am mulling things over, I’ll go to Pinterest for inspiration. Sometimes it works, I’ll see something that sparks an idea, and I am off to the races. Other times, like yesterday, I forget what I ever went looking for in the first place.

I did learn that, as much as I love the shower pictured below, it isn’t going to happen in my house. I was surprised to learn that Home Depot carries these doors, but that none are the right size for my shower. Boo. If you’re interested, read more about them here.

Isn’t this wonderful? And check those black walls!

I learned also that it is okay to write a tutorial for something even if you’ve only done it once. Pardon me for sounding cynical, but I saw so many things that the blogger mentioned not being sure how something is supposed to be done, but that the way she is doing it works. Um. Have you ever Googled “Pinterest fails?” I can also hear my dad’s eyes roll when I see DIY woodworking plans. He is a fine craftsman and knows how things should be done so they’ll last. You can bet he doesn’t use hot glue to build furniture.

While clicking around looking for a pair of dressers for our bedroom, I realized that you can spend as much at Wal-Mart for a dresser as you can at Pottery Barn. Guess which one I would choose? But honestly, it irks me to even have to think of spending $900 for a simple three-drawer dresser. I am not ready to pull that trigger yet.

This is exactly what I want, the size is perfect, color is good, and style is wonderful. Price tag is not wonderful.

One other thing I learned is that way too many people can’t spell and have no idea how to proofread. Yes, I know, I sound like the grammar police, but really. How hard is it?

Although I wasn’t looking for it, I think I’ve happened on the color I want to paint our front door. It’s Sherwin-Williams Wild Currant. Or maybe Salute–because what a cool name! I need to go visit Sherwin-Williams, but you can bet I’ll be heading directly toward the reds. The door has been navy blue since we moved here and while it’s a lovely blue, anyone who knows me knows that reds are huge in my color code. (And, actually, in The Color Code, I am a red.)

All those yummy reds really appeal to me. See more here

And did you know you can make brownies from black beans? Actually, I didn’t learn this on Pinterest. My friend Charynn mentioned it when I said I had soaked twice as many beans as I meant to for our New Year’s black beans and rice. But sure enough, there’s a recipe (or twenty) for them. Go figure.

They look delicious, don’t they?

All these things I learned on Pinterest. Who knew? You can be sure that I have learned way more than I needed to for a day or two, though, and will be avoiding it like the plague today. I’m planning to make some placemats and napkins, not to match the new decor, but because we need them desperately now.

Stay tuned, table linens will be up tomorrow!