It’s fall! And Monday…

Lori East Quilts, fall

Good morning! I think fall is definitely here and I am loving it! It was 52 degrees when I went out to walk this morning. Yay! I love this season so much! I took the photo above when I was out, you might be able to see that the soybeans are allllmost ready to harvest. It was only two weeks ago that they were just barely yellow, and now they are all but dried.

I hadn’t walked much over the last couple of weeks. While I was in Springfield, I only walked once, and once last week. That’s changing as of today! The cooler temps make it lovely to go, even if I have to start out with a jacket on. I have some new running shoes too, so I am a happy camper. Why running shoes to walk in? Well, I may have told you that I am trying to transition to running. That’s why fall being here is even better, it makes the mornings so much cooler!

What’s on your agenda for today? I am off to my piano lesson this morning. All I can tell you is that it’s a good thing my piano teacher is so patient. The last month hasn’t given me much opportunity to practice and it showed terribly in last night’s session. Eeeeek! I am working on the third movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, which starts at about 7:45 on this video. Most people are familiar with the first movement, which nearly all of us learned to play in childhood lessons. The second movement is less well known, and the third is just…wow. I am not sure what possessed me to learn this but I will probably be 90 before I get it.

The rest of the day? Well, there will be paperwork, for sure. Appraisals take quite a bit more time than most people realize, and I am still plowing through the stack from MQX.

I am hoping that I can get in a little retail therapy today too. I haven’t been to my favorite antique mall in the area in too long and I need to go see what might be waiting for me to save it. I still haven’t shown you everything I got on my way home from Springfield, but there is always room for more. Well, sort of. My workroom is getting pretty darned crowded with all the things I’ve saved, but hey…

Vogart pillow top, fall, Lori East Quilts, vintage collageThis is one of the things I got last weekend. It’s a Vogart pillow top, all ready to be made into something. I probably won’t make a pillow out of it, but it will probably grow up to be part of a quilt. The A-B-C piece below is one I passed on and now kind of wish I hadn’t. Sadly, the store it’s in is about 200 miles away, so I won’t be going back for it.

crochet alphabet, Lori East Quilts, fall, vintage collage

We’ll see if things go according to plan today. It is fall and I do love the weather so it’s hard for me to stay inside. What’s on your agenda today?

  • Wendy Tuma

    I’m sewing today as soon as I get off my computer. I have a bag to make and it needs to be mostly finished, if not all finished, today! I bet if you called the place with the alphabet piece, they’d send it (just doing my best to help:-D

    • I’ll bet you have that bag done in NO time, Wendy! Can’t wait to see it!!

      Yes…i could call and I even remember which store it was in. but…😉