It’s a Wonderful (Quilty) Life!

Wow, it’s been more than five months (at least) since I blogged last. Five months! I can hardly believe it myself. Atrocious, I know. I have felt neglectful of you all nearly every day during that time, but when I tell you what I’ve been doing, you’ll understand, I think. Lest you think I’m going to give you a blow-by-blow diary of all those months, don’t worry. I just want to share some of the high points. Some. There were many and I have lots of photos to share. Enjoy!

It was a crazy, busy, fun time, but out of the 155 days between my last blog and now, I have been gone for nearly two months. Not all at once, of course, but that many days. Every one of those days had to do with quilts. I was at quilt shows, seminars, lectures, and even a shop or two. I have traveled all over Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Indiana, Texas, and…points in between, all in my trusty old 4 Runner. (Wish I’d thought to make note of the miles.)

The days I’ve been gone aren’t all. What I didn’t count were the travel days, the days spent pulling quilts, packing for classes, and writing appraisals. Now, there are lots and lots of folks who are gone way more than this. How they do it is beyond me.

You may already know that part of what I love most about this life is the friends I’ve made along the way. Over these past few months I have been so blessed to have had time with some of my oldest and dearest friends, and lots of opportunities to make so many new ones.

Teddy Pruett and me all ready for tea at the AQSG ice breaker, Indianapolis
Edie McGinnis and me in Kansas City (yeah, I was just a little tired)
Mary Kerr, me, and Pam Weeks. That quilt behind us? Look closely and you can see that it’s dated 1813. And no, we didn’t plan to dress alike.
Sandy Sutton, Leah Zieber, Linda Collins, and me. Houston!
Sandy Sutton, Leah Zieber, Linda Collins, and me. Houston!
With my pals Denielle Bohannon and Kelly Cline. A girl could not ask for a better cheering section.
With my pals Denielle Bohannon and Kelly Cline. A girl could not ask for a better cheering section.
Deborah Ursell, Pam Weeks, me, and Julie Silber, in Julie’s booth in Houston

You might wonder what my family thinks of all this. Fortunately, I am blessed with a very self-sufficient crew. My husband and son (who is a senior this year!!) manage quite well without me…except for the laundry thing. Sadly, they haven’t perfected that yet. But, there are worse fates than having to do laundry, right? It’s a mindless thing that eases me back into home life, makes me feel productive even when I’m on overload. Besides, both of my guys cook (often having hot meals ready for me when I get home), and can take care of what they need to do.


My son is still home-schooled, but I am not the one doing the teaching these days. Fortunately, after twelve years (or eleven, depending how you look at it), he is adept at figuring out what he needs to do and jumping right in. This is the first year I’ve felt completely, 100%, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt OK with him working independently. And yes, that’s the goal I was reaching for way back when we started this fabulous journey. He is in college prep mode now and though it makes me sad to realize he’ll be off on his own far sooner than I’m ready, I have confidence he will be just fine. He is just a terrific young man, smart, well-grounded, and funny as can be.

So, quilts. I have seen gazillions of quilts these past few months. Seriously, gazillions. A few stand out in my memory as particularly wonderful, for one reason or another. Some can’t be shared because I was appraising them, but there are plenty of others.

Oklahoma History Quilt
Oklahoma History Quilt by Camille Nixdorf Phelan, Oklahoma History Center
Cynthia Collier’s Audubon quilt, Texas Quilt Museum
Hexagon quilt
Fun hexagon quilt seen at the Cass County Fair Quilt Show, Pleasant Hill, Missouri (sadly, I’ve lost the name of the maker of this little beauty)
Pickle Dish
Pickle Dish, owned by Cindy Rennels
Churn Dash
This bright and happy Churn Dash quilt hung across from my appraisal table in Kansas City
The Beatles
I got to see the entire collection of quilts made for “Inspired by the Beatles” at the KCRQF
5/325 by Hillary Goodwin, seen in Houston

What’s next? I will be spending a few days this week with my son, husband,and husband’s parents. Before that, I have a stack of appraisals to finish up. But. But. I might actually have time to SEW. The idea files in my brain are literally bursting with inspiration. I have piles of new fabric, and old, that are just calling to me to come play. As I was refolding some quilts this morning (while waiting for the heater dude and the internet dude), I was so excited at the potential…I have picked up so many odd blocks and sweet linens to play with. I have new quilts awaiting bindings, old quilts patiently for me to come admire them (and sew on labels), and other quilts that are begging for research. My workroom looks like somebody stirred the contents with a big and very gooey stick. The house? Well. Let’s just say that while my guys take care of the things they need, some things they just don’t SEE. I’m looking at you, dust bunnies.

The week after next, it’s time for Thanksgiving! Wasn’t it just July? Holy cow, time flies. And so it goes. One thing leads to the next…

Christmas? Hush. I can’t even.

I’ve had a fun, fun year, and it’s not over yet. It really is a wonderful, quilty life. Don’t you love it?

  • Bill V.

    a wild year, for me too- glad you’ve had such a good time! <3

    • Lori East

      Thanks, Bill. It really has been fun. And yeah, you’ve had a lot going on too. Crazy, isn’t it? But what a good life.