It’s a Very Good Thing Thursday!


Hey, hey, hey! It’s Thursday again and I woke up this morning in sunny downtown Old Pasadena. I got in after dark last night, though, so I want to get out and explore just a bit before I’m off to QuiltCon today. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a great day! But first…you guessed it. I need COFFEE!

What’s happening good in your world? I can’t wait to hear! As usual, just leave me a comment below. I love reading these comments, it just makes me happy to know that you are having these sweet little moments when things are just wonderful. String them all together and they make something memorable, you know?

I’ll pop in to Facebook later today with photos, as I can get them. Have a happy Thursday!

  • cindy parry

    An amazingly gorgeous day today! 70’s! No coats. Lots of people in shorts – in Kansas in February! What’s not to love. I went to a friends house for conversation, black bean tea and cupcakes. She had made me a small gift which I will post on my own facebook quilting page in the morning along with the story of its being. I did a little (okay a lot!) of shopping ‘cuz that’s what you do at Sam’s Club. Two of my art-y gal pals and I met at the Nelson Atkins Museum tonight for their 3rd Thursday art meet of music meets art and doodle. We had a great time chatting and doodling to music!

    • Lori East

      Sounds so nice, Cindy! Yes, 70s in February is crazy good. I am going to hop on Facebook to see your gift!

  • Wendy Caton Reed

    What fun! Wish I could be there, but… Have with Pam!

    • Lori East

      Thanks, Wendy! Somebody has to keep her in line.