It was a crazy day


It was a crazy day at my house today, and I’m not even sure when it started, but I think it’s safe to say the day didn’t go as planned.

As some of you know, our heater has been out for a few days. Fortunately it hasn’t been too bad. It got down into the 20s last night so it was a little chilly this morning, but we have pretty good insulation and a couple of space heaters. We only turn the space heaters on when we’re in the room (except for a small one that keeps the pipes from freezing in a not-so-well insulated bathroom). Space heaters kick in quickly, so it hasn’t been bad. The kind folks who are fixing us called this morning to say the guy would be out this afternoon. Okay, I only had one errand I had to do today, so fine.

Then the phone rang. It was a friend who really just needed an ear. So I listened. Her phone battery died. She called from another phone. That battery died. We were on the phone for hours. My husband started texting me. My dad called. Other texts came in. Email dinged (and i never looked at any if it.) The HVAC company called again.

And so went the day, with me answering phone calls and texts, and hanging out waiting for Heater Dude. I’ve done little else…except my dishes are all washed and my countertop and cabinets are clean, because what else do you do when you’re on the phone? I sorted a big pile of paper that had been driving me crazy. I dusted the dining room. Handwork? I wish I’d had something nearby to work on, but I didn’t.

Some days are crazy in a not-really crazy way. This was one of those. I accomplished very little that I thought I would, but was there for somebody who needed an ear. That’s not all bad, is it?

The Heater Dude has now fixed our heater and I found some handwork just before I finished typing this…there is leftover potato soup in the fridge and even some cake left.

I think I’ll spend a WARM evening knitting this shawl with some gorgeous yarn my mom bought me. The yarn, which is pictured above, is Malabrigo Rios in Indiecita. I have two skeins, so that should work. What do you think?

How about you? How are you spending the evening? I hope, wherever you are, you are warm and happy.

Stop back by tomorrow when I’ll be asking for a little help…not too much work, just imagination!

Until then…

  • Wendy Tuma

    I did a little bit of holiday decorating, but not all of it. It’s funny how some days we have a mind of how it will/should go, and then it gets all turned on its head. Y’just gotta roll with it! Sometimes the best blessings come from those days!

    • Lori East

      You are absolutely right. I did get frustrated a couple of times but it was all for nothing. I need to remember that!