Is this a Winsome Wednesday?


Whew! It’s Wednesday already! This week is flying by! I have a lot on my plate this week, so things are kind of crazy.

Sewing: My sewing is being neglected this week, sadly. I dropped my machine off to be cleaned, oiled, and adjusted yesterday. I am really hopeful that the repair man can fix my loose throat plate too. Yes, I do have other machines, but there really isn’t even time to get them out, so (gasp) there are going to be a few days that I don’t sew at all.

Late Monday I decided to do the first block of The Splendid Sampler. I am not good at doing group things at all, and can be a total curmudgeon about them, but after seeing all those stinking cute heart blocks on Facebook, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to do just one. I had to laugh, when I started to do the applique, I could only find one hand sewing needle in my workroom. It was nearly as big as a 16-penny nail, but it was sharp. Hey, it worked!

Splendid Sampler block 1, Hearts Aflutter
I even hand-appliqued it!







The next block will come out on Thursday. I don’t know how I’ll do, or even if I will try to keep up with this, but I was definitely smitten by those hearts!

Finishing:  Not nearly enough! I’m afraid this is going to be a week of no finishes. I know, I know, I’m slipping behind! Soon I’ll have something, I promise! With luck and some stitch-fu, I’ll knock out a finish before next Wednesday!

Knitting: Still working on the scarf. Sigh. I need to bundle it up in a bag to take with me when I’m out and about, the poor thing is lucky to get one set of four rows knit on it in passing. Interestingly enough, though, I really like the yarn I’m using. It’s Berroco Vintage, which is 40% wool, 50% acrylic, and 10% nylon. Since I became a yarn snob, I haven’t wanted to even touch anything with acrylic in it, let alone knit it. But I have to tell you that this stuff feels so soft it’s amazing. And there is none of that awful “scritch” you get when you knit with a synthetic. I haven’t used it before so I can’t speak to its wear or longevity, but at this point in the game, I’m rather fond of it.

WednesdayReading: I finished Nora Webster and, while I did enjoy it, did not like it quite as much as I did Brooklyn. There are several other books by the author (Colm Toibin) that I will look into in future. For now, I decided to switch gears and read Kate Morton’s The Lake House. I read another of her books, The House at Riverton, last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have had this one and several others by the same author on my list for quite a while, so thought it was time to enjoy them.

Watching: You have to sit still to watch things, right? Hmmm. That’s probably not going to happen this week! I still have Sunday’s episode of Downton Abbey on the DVR, and will probably have this week’s on there too before I get time to sit down and watch.

WednesdayListening to:  Lots of fun new things. I put Spotify on my new computer and am enjoying using the Discover tab. I spent a bit of time listening to Balmorhea, to whom I had never paid much attention before. I think that I might have to give another listen!

Cooking: Earlier in the week I cooked some amazing scampi. Amazing not because I am such a good cook but because butter, garlic, shrimp…seriously? How could it not be good? I will tell you that I miss being near the ocean, though. Frozen shrimp will never be as good as fresh, and no matter how quickly it’s flown in, it just isn’t the same. Sorry, no photos. With two hungry guys in the house, I am lucky to even get things to the table!

Doing for fun: See below.


WednesdayLooking forward to: QuiltCon! I’m flying out tonight, so will do my best to get some photos up on my Facebook page, at the very least.

So that’s what Wednesday looks like here. How about from your point of view? Leave me a note!

Until next time,

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  • Wendy Tuma

    You’re busy week makes my week feel like it’s going at a snail’s pace. I’m hoping to get the top done on my half hexi so I can post a pic on my blog. Stitching on a woolie. Ignoring my house that needs cleaning. Picking hubby up from airport at 11 pm tonight. Reading a Stephen Bly book on my Kindle. Not much cooking, but plenty of snacking. 🙂

    • Lori East

      Sounds like you are pretty busy too, Wendy! Thank goodness not every week is like this.

      Snacking is always better than cooking!

      I look forward to seeing your quilt top!

      • Wendy Tuma

        Have fun at QuiltCon! Sounds like fun!!

        • Lori East

          It is!